January 25, 2017, Taipei Taiwan — DFI held a factory tour to introduce the manufacturing process of industrial motherboards and embedded system for the Japanese students from Special Needs Education School for the Deaf, University of Tsukuba, in December. The students’ major is Business Information and the purpose of the tour is to give the students a more in-depth knowledge of daily operations that are necessary for an electronic factory to operate smoothly.

The tour was made through the support of a sign language teacher, and the students showed a high level of interest and concentration during the visit. They also raised many questions about business operations and industrial situations. “We really appreciate that DFI can help arrange the factory tour”, said Mr. Takebayashi, professor of the Business Information Department. “The tour helps the students understand the concept and ideas that they learned from school easier.”

We hope the tour was able to help the students close the gap between classroom and the real field work. And let them not only be able to benefit from learning about real life examples of business and factory management, but also get some insight into their future professions.

Special Needs Education School for the Deaf, University of Tsukuba: www.deaf-s.tsukuba.ac.jp
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