Taipei, Taiwan — Issue No. 2014-02-26
DFI’s Solution for Tube Bending Machine — DT122

DFI’s newest Desktop Box PC, DT122, is integrated with a replaceable Mini-ITX motherboard for reliable operation in factory automation. Powered by 3rd/2nd Generation Intel® Core™ processors, its low power consumption design makes energy-efficient performance ideal for the embedded computing market. In addition, the industrial Box PC takes full advantage of the Intel® Q67 Express chipset which is packed with high performance I/O capabilities. DT122, designed with 2 DDR3 DIMM sockets, delivers maximum performance supporting up to 16GB for faster communication between components, 2 Intel® Gigabit LAN controllers in order to increase transmission speed for network-intensive applications, 4 USB ports, 2 COM ports, 1 expansion slot and 1 CPU cooler. This embedded sytem is also equipped with 1 SATA drive bay for up to 2 2.5” drives or 1 3.5” to fit different requirements. By encrypting data in the USB storage device, it protects sensitive data from unauthorized access to the USB flash drive that is installed in the vertical USB port. This low-power industrial Box PC is ideal for applications requiring a stable revision-controlled platform with flexible system configuration, such as industrial control, factory automation, smart grid & power generation, and building automation.

Designed to accommodate any Mini-ITX motherboard
Fully compatible with DFI’s line of industrial Mini-ITX motherboards
Scalable and flexible solutions with different Mini-ITX
  motherboards for all types of applications
Offers wide ranges of CPUs from high performance
 processors to low power processors
Easy maintenance and integration
Reduces costs when upgrading your platform

A Brief Introduction to the Tube Bending Machine

Tube bending is the umbrella term for metal forming processes used to permanently form pipes or tubing. This process works on metal, alloy, aluminum, titanium, and steel. During the tube bending process, a bending die is used to shape the tubing or piping. Die blocks work like molds and are customizable based on the desired shape for the metal being submitted for bending.

Why is DT122 suitable for the Tube Bending Machine

All-in-one embedded box PC
Connects to motor driver via PCI
Connects to touch panel via COM
Connects to monitor via VGA
 - VGA supports display resolution up to
    2048 x 1536
Fully compatible with DFI’s line of
 Mini-ITX motherboards


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