Taipei, Taiwan — Issue No. 2014-07-22
A Brief Introduction to Slot Machine
A slot machine, also well-known as fruit machine and poker machine, is a popular gambling machine in worldwide casinos which usually has three or more reels that will spin when a player pushes a button. The slot machine bonuses accumulate through the network, and all the players have the chance to get the maximum jackpot.
DFI’s Solution for Slot Machine —— HD100-H81
Slot machines are the most popular gaming equipment in casinos. Machine makers are finding the latest processor to obtain rich immersive graphics and application performance that end users come to expect today. In order to meet the growing gaming market, DFI develops and customizes board-level products which come with enhanced performance, powerful computing, and high security. The HD100-H81, powered by the 4th generation Intel® Core™ processor family, is one of the right solutions. This Mini-ITX board is designed with 2 DDR3/DDR3L SODIMM sockets that support up to 16GB. Aimed at the gaming application, this new desktop platform connects machines to ticket printer, barcode reader, card reader, and light controller via flexible I/O connectors. Furthermore, with 3 display interfaces, HD100-H81 can support multiple displays and provide a new level of performance. Due to the data and transactional security concerns, this new desktop-based platform also provides enhanced security by securing personal data and preventing hackers. Along with these expansive features, HD100-H81 becomes the ideal choice for a wide range of intelligent systems, gaming machines especially.
Application Story
 Country  U.S.A.
 Product  HD100-H81
 Platform  Mini-ITX using Intel® Core™ i5-4570TE processor
 Delivers faster analytics and decision
 Supports multiple displays for multiple players
 Provides higher security
   - Secures personal data
   - Detects hackers
   - Prevents frauds and cheatings
 A reliable platform for long operating time
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