Our Milestones

We have been on the journey towards motherboard and embedded computers manufacturing for more than 40 years.
The achievements and awards are always the incentives for us to pursue excellence.


Established headquarter in Taipei, Taiwan

DFI was founded in 1981 in Taipei. The main business was electronic components trading.

Initially, the startup capital was only $1 million NTD, but in the first year of foundation, DFI had achieved a revenue goal of NTD 30 million. After that, DFI constantly raised more capital in the following years and expanded business into computer manufacturing industry.


Manufactured keyboard, mouse, graphic card, multifunction card and driver card


Established branch office in USA.

Successfully developed in the American market, meanwhile focused on the United Kingdom and Germany as a prelude to European market.


Set up factory in Xizhi, Taiwan

Established a 1300-square-feet of manufacturing center.


Set up system assembly line

Became the first Taiwan company to establish system assembly line in the U.S.

Signed a patent license agreement, and started technical cooperation with Intel.


Refurbished and expanded Xizhi factory

The 1st expansion of Xizhi factory, total area was upgraded to 1900 square feet.


Refurbished and expanded Xizhi factory

The 2nd expansion of Xizhi factory, with a total area 2300 square feet.


Dramatically increased at turnover. Annual sales grew by 25%, NTD 2.1 billion.

The First PC Company Certified ISO9001


Officially entering motherboard industry.

Successfully developed 586 dual CPU motherboard.

Joining and collaborating with Philips Asia Pacific Marketing system


Set up factory in Dongguan city, China

Established sales office in Europe

Expanded Xizhi factory

The 3rd expansion of Xizhi factory, total area was 2800 square feet.


The production of OEM services increased

Monthly production of Philips and Synnex reached 10,000 units.


Awarded Top 10 Motherboard Manufacturer in CRN Magazine (1996~1998)


Established Diamond Flower H.T. Group (BVI) Inc in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Released Industrial Motherboards

Launched the initial public offering (IPO) in TWSE


Established branch office in Tokyo, Japan


Awarded Chief Editor Choice Award in PC Magazine

Awarded Best Creativity Award in Tom’s Hardware Guide


Industrial computer became a major business of DFI


GE became one of the majority shareholders of DFI


Stopped consumer product line and only developed embedded products


Awarded Computex d&i Award, Red Star Design Award, and Golden Pin Design Award

Established branch office in Shenzhen, China


Certified Microsoft Azure IoT Platform


Joined Qisda Group


Acquired AEWIN and Ace Pillar

Took a big step toward information security, networking, mechatronics, and drivetrain, offering a comprehensive range of solutions.


Acquired Brainstorm Corporation

To build up the channel strategy and integrate the corporate resources, DFI leveraged the network of Brainstorm Corporation, one of the influential e-commerce company in the US, in 2021.