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Gearing Medical Equipment for Tomorrow: Case Study

COVID-19 INFO Anti-Pandemic Solutions Gearing Medical Equipment for Tomorrow: Case Study

Gearing Medical Equipment for Tomorrow: Case Study

  • Speaker:
    Ken Lin
    PM Manager

One of the benefits from high-end technology advancement is that the healthcare system is receiving constant hardware and software upgrades to provide humanity a better living quality. And the medical equipment is often scrutinized by medical professionals to see whether it’s safe and speckless to reliably provide hospital services such as self-registration, surgery clinic, X-Ray and more.

The core computing units behind these life-saving entities, as well, shall always live up to the level of medical perfection. And in the upcoming webinar, DFI’s PM Manager, Ken, will be sharing with you some of our medical-certified embedded products and some successful cases to demonstrate how we help embody a world of better well-being:

  1. Key Features of Medical Grade Products
  2. Medical Grade Service Capability & Certification
  3. DFI Medical Grade Success Stories
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