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IoT solutions for retail markets

COVID-19 INFO Anti-Pandemic Solutions IoT solutions for retail markets

IoT solutions for retail markets

  • Speaker:
    Debbie Tu
    PM Manager

The increasing usage of IoT solution has swiftly changed the retail market and the customer experiences. To enhance better shopping experiences, optimize precise targeted marketing, predictive inventory management and increase sales, retailers are nowadays adopting IoT solutions across versatile applications. That's a trend for the future intelligent store solution that will be more responsive to customer's demands and thus transform your retail business into a digital era.

DFI is an expert in the embedded industry and will be addressing some of our insights in developing IoT solutions for retail markets as our PM Manager, Debbie, goes online in our latest webinar (September 3, 16:00-17:00 GMT+8).

Join the webinar to discover more of:

  • Overview of Retail Scenarios
  • DFI's Targeted Applications in Retail Markets
  • DFI's Design & Certification of Product Lineup
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