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Realizing Truly Remote Management - RemoGuard

COVID-19 INFO Anti-Pandemic Solutions Realizing Truly Remote Management - RemoGuard

Realizing Truly Remote Management - RemoGuard

  • Speaker:
    Chad Wu, Product Manager, DFI
    Karen Lin, Product Manager, Innodisk

As Industrial IoT demands rise in recent decades, the numbers of connected IoT devices drastically grow as well. However, the personnel responsible for equipment maintenance cannot meet the growing numbers of IoT devices; additionally, unexpected factors occur, e.g. the global pandemic COVID-19. It seems like it is harder to maintain and repair the equipment in a timely manner. To tackle these challenges, DFI cooperated with Innodisk launches RemoGuard, a truly remote managing solution not only monitoring the equipment remotely, but activating one-button OS recovery swiftly even if the OS in the machine has crashed.

For deeper introduction, DFI will be along with Innodisk, addressing some of our insights in RemoGuard. Accordingly, audience will get deep understanding across down-to-earth conversation between both product managers in charge of RemoGuard and innoAge™, along with demonstration of how RemoGuard can be greatly facilitated while maintaining edge security at the highest level by enabling out-of-band signaling, management and maintenance. 

Discover more of the webinar:

  • Outstanding features of RemoGuard
  • Highlight demonstration of RemoGuard
  • DFI's product lineup supported with RemoGuard introduction
  • InnoAge™ roadmap introduction
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