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COVID-19 INFO Anti-Pandemic Solutions See How ACRN (IPC Refresh) to Tackle Legacy ISA Issues

See How ACRN (IPC Refresh) to Tackle Legacy ISA Issues

  • Date:
    2021/01/14 02:00 GMT-6 | 09:00 GMT+1 | 16:00 GMT+8 |
  • Speaker:
    Ken Lin
    PM Manager

Are the machines in your production line ready for Industry 4.0 and prepared for AIoT factory? The outdated hardware will constrain your factory to become smarter and faster. In most situations, factories typically resist an upgrade when machines are not damaged because the new-gen IPCs, Operating System, and software integrations cannot support backward compatibility. However, the IPC Refresh can tackle the issues common factories face. 

During this webinar, our PM manager Ken will further discuss about how IPC Refresh program is deployed in AIoT factories. Please join us to learn more about how DFI's embedded solutions and supported product lineup can optimize your project. See how DFI's IPC Refresh program combined with Intel hypervisors technology can assist and update the product line, optimize manufacturing efficiency, reduce costs, and ultimately increase productivity.

What you will learn from our webinar:

  • Scenario of IPC Refresh
  • Case Study of IPC Refresh
  • How DFI Do IPC Refresh Solution
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