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How Does DFI’s Server Platform in COMe Expedite 5G Applications?

COVID-19 INFO Anti-Pandemic Solutions How Does DFI’s Server Platform in COMe Expedite 5G Applications?

How Does DFI’s Server Platform in COMe Expedite 5G Applications?

  • Date:
    2021/06/17 02:00 GMT-6 | 09:00 GMT+1 | 16:00 GMT+8 |
  • Speaker:
    Linda Chen, Sales Account Manager, Intel
    Jason Lee, Account Technical Manager, Intel
    Ethan Wang, PM Director, DFI

In the past, telecommunication application was restricted with proprietary hardware and interface; hence, business was only occupied by several companies. However, since 5G became an open structure, with open hardware and interface, it allowed the x86 platform to enter into the telecom business while allowing more IPC companies to join. The advent of the 5G era, it results in several growth opportunities in the industry to facilitate the whole IoT ecosystem. Nevertheless, how to provide the 5G solution in a limited schedule and how to fulfill different open structures will always become the challenge to face.

During this webinar, DFI will address how to benefit from Intel’s open platform and embedded solutions with COM-Express structure in mmWave 5G Small Cell to reduce complexity while assisting customers to scale 5G into the future as well as achieving higher business value. Would you like to know more? It’s never too late to hear from DFI and Intel professionals in the 5G industry. Please don’t hesitate to reserve your spot for this webinar on June 17!

Gain Insights into the Webinar:

  1. 5G Application Opportunities & Challenges
  2. Key Advantages of Intel 5G Solution
  3. DFI 5G Success Story & Structure
  4. DFI 5G Scalable Product Line

      Speakers Bio

      Linda Chen
      Sales Account Manager, Intel

      Jason Lee
      Account Technical Manager, Intel

      Ethan Wang
      PM Director, DFI

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