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DFI x AMD Embedded Solutions: Gearing Up for Future IoT

COVID-19 INFO Anti-Pandemic Solutions DFI x AMD Embedded Solutions: Gearing Up for Future IoT

DFI x AMD Embedded Solutions: Gearing Up for Future IoT

  • Speaker:
    David Rosado, Sr. Product Manager, AMD
    Andy Tseng, PM Manager, DFI

In the rapid AIoT evolution, computers are expected not just to be one thing and are required to be more powerful to fulfill multi-task workload in diverse applications. To keep up to pace with the ever-evolving trend, industry experts from the IoT ecosystem, DFI, and AMD released an array of breakthrough embedded solutions and will address deeper in the latest webinar, bringing you in-depth knowledge from edge computing, AI vision, machine learning to data center applications.

Be the first to hear the co-webinar from AMD and DFI, as well as gain profound insights into AMD x DFI products and technologies. You will learn how DFI’s AMD-based embedded solutions e.g. the “Industrial Pi” and Ubuntu support scale up your projects and business productivity. Join us at this event to explore the unlimited opportunities for AIoT and flip the future of the Industrial Internet of Things.

Takeaways from the Webinar:

  • AMD’s Latest Embedded Product Lineup (Embedded EPYC, V1000/R1000, and V2000/1000…)
  • DFI’s AMD Embedded Solutions and Deployment
  • World First IPC with Canonical Ubuntu IoT Certificate
  • Up-To-Date AIoT Trends and Applications

    Speakers Bio

    David Rosado
    Sr. Product Manager, AMD

    Andy Tseng
    PM Manager, DFI

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