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COVID-19 INFO Anti-Pandemic Solutions Predictive Maintenance Using IIoT with Embedded Computing

Predictive Maintenance Using IIoT with Embedded Computing

  • Date:
    2020/04/21 02:00 GMT-6 | 09:00 GMT+1 | 16:00 GMT+8 |
  • Speaker:
    Steven Wu
    VP of R&D Center

The capability of preventing machine failures is one of major issues in the Industrial IoT (IIoT) market. For instance, industrial systems, manufacturing equipment and robotics all need to be maintained to achieve near error-free efficiency. Predictive maintenance strategies, which aim to predict machine failures before they occur, are based on the combination of traditional condition monitoring with advanced analytics algorithms. To avoid massive cost as a result of equipment failure and shut down, the predictive maintenance is considered essential in service continuity.

Accordingly, DFI's VP of R&D Center, Steven, will talk about how DFI's embedded computing solution is applied in predictive maintenance in the era of IIoT. Some of the features include:

  1. What are Prescriptive Maintenance and Virtual Measurement? How do they differ from Predictive Maintenance?
  2. Which role does Embedded Computer play in Predictive Maintenance, Prescriptive Maintenance and Virtual Measurement? How does its performance impact on the application?
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