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"Industrial Pi" Uses Cases With Ubuntu and AMD

COVID-19 INFO Anti-Pandemic Solutions "Industrial Pi" Uses Cases With Ubuntu and AMD

"Industrial Pi" Uses Cases With Ubuntu and AMD

  • Speaker:
    David Rosado, Sr. Product Manager, AMD
    Taiten Peng, Architect, Canonical
    Waterball Liu, Solution PM, DFI

As AIoT devices in industrial applications gain popularity, there’re massive data required to be collected and processed from numerous edge devices. However, some potential issues of unsecure, unstable, over loading, and etc. may occur. DFI, as a hardware provider, also guarantees your device in a stable and risk-free environment since we have a reliable partner, Canonical, which is an Ubuntu’s official certified company, ensuring that all your Internet of Things devices are secure and regularly updated.

During the latest webinar, you will hear from industry experts of AMD and Canonical to address about how Ubuntu resolves your issues on the current IoT environments and the how DFI’s breakthrough series “Industrial Pi” co-op with Canonical redefine the future of the Industrial Internet of Things. Save your seat on January 27 to learn more.

Takeaways From the Webinar:

  • DFI “Industrial Pi” Use Cases On Computer Vision
  • The Basis Of Industrial Pi: AMD Embedded Ryzen
  • Ubuntu Core Refined For IoT
  • Get Ready for Another 30 Years of Linux

DFI’s World-First Ubuntu Certified Hardware:

      Speakers Bio

      David Rosado
      Sr. Product Manager, AMD

      Taiten Peng
      IoT Field Engineer at Canonical

      Waterball Liu
      Solution PM, DFI

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