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DFI Poised to Battle Pandemic Crisis

Production Capacity

DFI production capacity status

The rigorous anti-pandemic control prioritizes the safety, health, and well-being of every single employee within DFI's operation and factories. DFI's global workers, approximately 800 individuals, have been informed to suspend non-essential travels since early January. Promotion of personal hygiene and sanitary measures has been duly addressed. In the meantime, instant status reports from production and supply chain are assured to remain available through and out as long as the crisis lasts. Paired with DFI Headqurter's contingency measures, we aim to minimize the short-term adverse impacts brought by the pandemic.

Disciplines regarding personnel

  • Rigorous controls over business travels — non-essential travels shall be suspended;
  • Virtual conferences are strongly advised over physical ones;
  • Visitors shall have their body temperatures taken and hands disinfected before entry;
  • All visitors must submit a health declaration form before entry;
  • Workers shall have their body temperatures taken and hands disinfected before entry;
  • Everyone is mandated to wear a face mask during physical meetings
  • Staff shall have face masks on along all the production lines.

Disciplines regarding operations

  • Public space is disinfected on regular basis;
  • Anti-pandemic measures are taken at management levels and well-publicized

DFI's production capacity status of all factories

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

As the COVID-19 had become a pandemic, the looming impact on the supply chains of most enterprises was foreseeable while the virus kept spreading, causing massive outbreaks. Amongst those around the world trying to fix the uncertainty brought about by the disease, DFI ahead of time on Jan 23 — the beginning of Chinese New Year — initiated pre-emptive procedures, and have since implemented numerous responsive measures on upstream and downstream supply chains.

Establishment of DFI's Emergency Response Team

  • Emergency responses — Daily reports of supply changes and correspondent workarounds
  • Optimized material allocation — Delivery schedules adjustment according to priorities and essentialities of customers' requests
  • Precautions against disruptions — Weekly updates on six weeks' upcoming supplier status and production schedule, and establishments of precautionary measures
  • Logistics coordination — Shipment in batches according to logistic conditions if necessary

Dynamic Supply Chain Management

  • Realtime Supplier Management
    • Investigate supplier back-on-line percentage and production capacity
    • Daily reports of suppliers' changes of delivery time
  • Supplier Diversity
    • Additions of substitute materials and coordination of verification schedules
    • Connect to Qisda Group's suppliers to expand resources
    • Survey existing markets for supply sources

Accumulation of Shared Materials for Timely Availability

Negotiation with suppliers for shifting to express or air transportation to fulfill emergent orders





  • 出張に対する厳格な管理 — 不必要な出張は中止とします。
  • バーチャル会議を強く推奨します。
  • 検疫および検査に関する規則遵守を必須とします。
  • 訪問客には事前の体温測定、手の消毒を行なってもらうものとします。
  • 公共スペースは定期的に消毒されます。



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