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Why Does Ubuntu Certification Matter for AIoT?

COVID-19 INFO 防疫ソリューション Why Does Ubuntu Certification Matter for AIoT?

Why Does Ubuntu Certification Matter for AIoT?

  • Speaker:
    David Chen,Application Engineering Senior Manager at DFI
    Taiten Peng,IoT Field Engineer at Canonical

DFI is the world’s first industrial computer manufacturer to join the Ubuntu IoT Hardware Certification Partner Program and offer Ubuntu-certified IoT hardware ready for the over-the-air software update. There are three of DFI’s products that have been certified, which means you will have an out-of-box experience, secure, and faster TTM with DFI’s products and Ubuntu. Which can make enterprises can go to market faster and reduce costs.

Why do you need these certified products? What benefits can it bring to the Internet of Things? In this webinar, Canonica’s IoT Field Engineer Taiten Peng and DFI’s David Chen, Application Engineering Senior Manager, will share deeper insights into the future blueprint of IoT ecosystem and provide high flexibility for most IoT scenarios with Ubuntu and DFI. Interested in this webinar? Save your spot on July 29!

Takeaways from the Webinar:

  • Why You Need Certified Hardware?
  • First Wave of DFI’s Ubuntu Certified Products
  • How to Leverage Ubuntu for IoT Development?

          Speakers Bio

          David Chen
          Application Engineering Senior Manager at DFI

          Taiten Peng
          IoT Field Engineer at Canonical

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