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概要 プレスルーム Corporate News - Moving Forward

Corporate News - Moving Forward|プレスルーム|DFI

Corporate News - Moving Forward

2012/02/14 (UTC+9)

A Look at the Past Year

With our mind set to being one of the leading providers in the vertical application market, DFI made some remarkable changes during the past year with the hope of achieving this goal. This includes expanding the organization by recruiting more staff in R&D, Sales, and PM departments. DFI invested not only in hiring highly skilled hardware and software engineers, but also in advance testing equipment to enhance its products' quality and performance. The larger work force eventually allowed us to widen our product lines that cater to various vertical industrial applications. All these changes in 2011 resulted in a 10% growth in business.

Expand Product Lines

Our existing product lines continue to expand along with the release of new platforms by Intel and AMD that power a variety of solutions. Many 2nd Generation Intel Core processor products in various form factors were released last year and are all in mass production. This year, DFI is already prepared to market the 3rd Generation Intel Core processor products and AMD-based products.

Another noteworthy item for 2012 is DFI's new product lines: Panel PC and NVR. This will address the increasing demands of Panel PC for Industrial Automation Panel, POS, Kiosk, Maritime and Medical Solutions. Our experience from OEM/ODM NVR embedded systems over the years has brought this vertical solution into our own product line. From power efficient, low power solution to high performance applications, DFI is able to satisfy every level of the market pyramid.

Expand Services

By expanding our work force, DFI is able to offer a more complete solution such as support for a wide range of operating systems and built-in utilities for your specific application; as well as focus in providing full-functional services. Being a service-oriented company, we are capable of providing OEM, ODM and EMS services. We develop a project based on the clients' specifications and provide services based on their requirements.

Expand Internet Marketing

Active involvement in many marketing activities allowed us to promote our products and brand to different parts of the world. The restructured website launched last July received positive responses in terms of its user friendliness and rich information.

The engineering skills that the R&D team possesses, along with complete research and development facilities made us a unique company that has the skills necessary to meet your demands and is what primarily contributed to the success of DFI. By possessing a powerful organizational structure, and a systematic management and operation, through the next quarter, DFI's business will continue to grow at a rate comparable or even better than the 1st quarter of 2011. This year, we are seeing a 25% growth from the changes.

DFI's vision is to develop products that are responsive to new market demand and provide services for total customer satisfaction. Our dedication, combined with strong customer and partner relationships will enable us to rapidly grow with continued strong financial performance.

Let's expand our business together!

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