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About Press Room DFI Introduces a Low Power COM Express Compact Module Based on the Intel Atom Processor E3800 SoC Product Family
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DFI Introduces a Low Power COM Express Compact Module Based on the Intel Atom Processor E3800 SoC Product Family|Press Room|DFI

DFI Introduces a Low Power COM Express Compact Module Based on the Intel Atom Processor E3800 SoC Product Family

2014/04/02 (UTC-6)

DFI launches a new COM Express module, BT968, in its Intel® Atom™ processor-based product line. The new Compact module is based on the low-power and cost-efficient Intel® Atom™ processor E3800 product family, which is the first system-on-chip (SoC) designed for the growing requirements of intelligent systems. Thanks to the low power consumption, BT968 is the right product for embedded applications that spend significant time in sleep states, such as printers and ATMs.


BT968 is designed with two system memory types according to the different processors : one is packed with 2 DDR3L SODIMM sockets that support up to 8GB ( -E45/-E27/-E26/-J00/-N30 ) and another is equipped with 1 DDR3L SODIMM socket which supports up to 4GB ( -E25/-E15/ -N07 ). In order to suit various requirements, the onboard graphics features 1 VGA, 1 LVDS, and 1 DDI (HDMI/DVI/DP) that supports high resolution. Besides, the BT968 Compact module features an optional onboard eMMC that offers the persistent function of data storage and provides outstanding integration of expansion interfaces to load data faster and enhance performance, including 9 USB, 2 SATA, 1 LPC, 1 I2C, 1 SMBus, 2 serial, 8-bit Digital I/O, and 3 PCIe x1 (default) or 1 PCIe x4 (PCIe port 3 share with onboard LAN by default).


In addition, the optional Trusted Platform Module (TPM) providing a Trusted PC for secure transactions makes it suitable for data concerned applications, such as kiosk, intelligent vending, ATMs and POS terminals. With the low power Intel® Atom™ E3800 processor, this new module is able to work in extreme environment by supporting wide temperature ranging from -40°C to 85°C.


The BT968 with expansive features becomes a perfect product for a whole range of embedded applications which require a cost-efficient and low-power platform, such as industrial control automation, medical equipment, gaming machine, telecom, POS, kiosk, and transportation.


About DFI

Established in 1981, DFI® is a leading supplier of high-performance computing technology worldwide. With more than 33 years of experience, DFI® focuses on innovative design and manufacture of leading-edge board and system level products for embedded applications requiring strict revision control and long life availability. DFI® uses the latest technology platforms and manufacturing techniques to produce cost-effective products for use in medical diagnostic & imaging, ATM/POS, industrial control, kiosk, security & surveillance, digital signage, gaming, and other embedded applications. For more information, please visit us at: www.dfi.com