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About Press Room Beyond Data Transmission and Over: Ultra small Industrial NUC EB100-KU Embedded System
Product News

Beyond Data Transmission and Over: Ultra small Industrial NUC EB100-KU Embedded System

2020/05/06 (UTC-6)
Beyond Data Transmission and Over: Ultra small Industrial NUC EB100-KU Embedded System

As IoT technology welcomes its maturity and enterprises’ and industries’ demands for IoT skyrocket, the question now has become — how do we find the balance between downsizing and keeping high performance? Massive data processing equals high computing capacity, and the systems on the market for that often take up quite some space. DFI’s palm-sized embedded system, EB100-KU, is specifically designed to deal with just that — it’s a light PC box with high computing capacity, 4K display, slight rugged design and long-term support service.


Based on the powerful 6th/7th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors, this embedded solution promises smooth and stable data transmission with no latency. Its palm-sized (115mm x 48.7mm x 111mm) design makes it effortless to stream data basically from and to every corner, even in space-constrained settings, allowing extended, versatile and flexible deployment and so much more applications.


More to the point, EB100-KU is especially customized for industrial applications and capable of maintaining stability even down to -20°C as well as under shock and vibration. It also comes with 15-year life cycle support to ensure future maintenance such as replacement and update, considerably extending the lifespans of the installed-system and equipment.


EB100-KU embedded system is a comprehensive solution for tight-spaced, high-performance applications with 15-year life cycle support. All together it yields an instant computing result, which makes it the ideal candidate for remote maintenance, IoT gateway, digital signage, and currently the most requested — infrared inspection — to strictly guard against coronavirus.


Key Features:

- Ultra Compact in Size

- 6th/7th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors

- 4K Resolution

- 12VDC Support

- Rugged Design

- Up to 15 years Life Cycle Support



- Infrared Inspection

- Digital Signage

- IoT Gateway