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DFI’s OPS100-SH Brings Future-Proofed Flexibility and Performance to Digital Signage Market

About Press Room DFI’s OPS100-SH Brings Future-Proofed Flexibility and Performance to Digital Signage Market

OPS+ Inspires the Next Generation of Digital Signage


OPS+ is a new industrial standard launched by Intel in 2017 for digital signage players. DFI’s OPS100-SH, the first OPS+ certified media computer, supports server-grade Intel® Xeon® mobile CPU and is capable of delivering 3 individual 4K resolution display outputs. It allows you to design intelligent and integrated display solutions to generate new business models and bring new experiences to audiences.

Offering Future-Proofed Capabilities

OPS+ is a standard launched by Intel to standardize the architecture between displays and media players. It’s compatible with previous Open Pluggable Specification (OPS), and has more flexibility in performance and expandability to meet emerging demands in current digital signage application.

What’s Different?

Compared to OPS specification, OPS+ features a 2nd connector that offers the possibilities to expand extra functions targeted at increasing requirements of high-speed bandwidth and ultra-high resolution for integrated display solutions.

The Most Powerful Signage Player

The server-grade Intel® Xeon® processor puts incredible power to the OPS100-SH computer. Enabling a broader range of new usage models and multi-functional signage applications that demand high processing capabilities for playing, capturing, and managing high definition videos and images simultaneously.

Highest Video Quality Ever Before

The OPS100-SH media player comes with the exclusive 2nd high-speed connector which can drive three individual 4K displays from the same interface and make eye-catching 8K resolution display possible for large-scale digital displays such as interactive white boards and real-time retail advertising.

Easily Integrates to Customers’ Solutions

With no cables and a fully enclosed architecture, the OPS100-SH slot-in computer is aimed to simplify installation and maintenance and make it easier to upgrade digital signage equipment. The player can fit into a myriad of OPS+/OPS-compliant monitors enabling tailor-made solutions.

Remote Access and Simplified Maintenance

The OPS100-SH player can be remotely accessed and diagnosed by using Intel® Active Management Technology 11.6 (Intel® AMT). Even without power, or in the case of operating system failure, its out-of-band capabilities allow the signage equipment to be in control with minimal effort, thus lowering maintenance costs and onsite visits.

A New Breed to Digital Signage Market

The OPS+ Specification is opening new possibilities for large-scale and intelligent digital signage deployments while maintaining the cost-effective simplification of having a standard architecture. More than just playing videos, the ability to support real-time analytics, video capturing, and broadcasting all at once let audiences truly engage with the contents in, for example, retail advertising and educational lectures.