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Boost Your Productivity Between Your Fingertips

About Press Room Boost Your Productivity Between Your Fingertips

All-in-One, One for All - DFI’s Industrial Panel PCs

Based on Intel Atom® Processor E3900 Series

DFI’s KS070-AL/KS156-AL industrial touch panel PCs based on Intel Atom® Processor E3900 series are equipped with not only processing improvements, but also features friendly interfaces and modern industrial design. With abundant features such as fanless design, IP-65 certified front panel, multi-touch capability, and rich I/O expansion, the panel PCs perfectly meets the crucial requirements within factory automation, transportation, and embedded applications.

IP65 Front Panel Protection

In factory environments, the shop floor is probably surrounded by dust or moisture. These environmental factors could be a tough challenge for the HMI to operate stably. KS070-AL/KS156-AL features an IP65 front panel protection and dust and water resistance, which may impact the progress and the efficiency of work on the production line.

Energy Efficiency & Excellent Performance

Based on Goldmont architecture with 14 nm process technology, the Intel Atom® processor E3900 series empowers the KS070-AL/KS156-AL touch panel pc. Featuring real-time computing and efficient energy consumption, KS070-AL/KS156-AL is the perfect solution for smart energy management, MES system, and remote monitoring.

Reliable Non-stop Operating

Incorrect grounding, inadequate building wiring, or large loads of sharing on the same circuits are common reason that would cause the impact of power fluctuation under crucial factory environment. KS070-AL/KS156-AL is capable of wide range 9~36V DC power input and protecting damage from these issue.

100% In-house Boards

With in-house production, it eases the control= over manufacturing quality and protects from a risk of fraud and confidentiality issues. KS070-AL/KS156-AL is developed based on 100% in-house DFI‘s industrial motherboard “AL551/AL171” series, ensuring lower costs of maintenance by all-in-one design and passes through comprehensive process of quality control.

From Design to Manufacturing, Link by Link

Each procedure from design to manufacture is important and closely linked and inseparable. DFI integrates 100% in-house development and production to maximize efficiency, enhance greater control of production quality, and provide 24/7 global service for wide variety of customers.

Support Gloved Touch

KS070-AL/KS156-AL is implemented by a customized form of gloved-friendly multiple touch technology. Users are able to operate the equipment with working gloves to enhance the efficiency and safety.

Easily Integrates Into Any Devices

To meet the requirements from various market fields, KS070-AL/KS156-AL features customized bezels with different materials and open-frame design. KS070-AL/KS156-AL is built to tailor the solutions for factory automation, transportation, and KIOSK applications.