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A Smart Choice for What’s Next in The IoT Era

About Press Room A Smart Choice for What’s Next in The IoT Era

Optimize Intensive-Workloads with High Agility and Scalability


In the era of IoT, more and more equipment are needed for heavy workload processing and intensive computing data transmission. To respond to these requirements, DFI is unveiling a server-grade ATX motherboard, PL610-C622, powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors with Intel® C622 Chipset with high agility, reliability, and security. It features advanced performances with higher storage capacity, rich I/O interfaces, multiple expansion capabilities, and increased computing ability for server-driven data centers, industrial automation, high-end medical imaging, and more IoT applications.

Speed Up Workload Performance

Compared to previous generation (Intel® AVX2), PL610-C622 adopts Intel® AVX-512, the register width, which controls data processing of the CPU, increasing it from 256 to 512 bits. The performance is 2 times faster and boosts throughout for workload-optimized applications like data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), image, and audio/video processing.

Ensure Information Security

Information security threats are recently evolving and enterprises, like telecom firm, that possesses massive customer database are seeking for a trustworthy security management system to protect critical information. PL610-C622 supports Intel® QuickAssist Technology (Intel® QAT) and Intel® Key Protection Technology (Intel® KPT) to guarantee data security and accelerate data compression without sacrificing performance.

Accelerate Data Communication

Since conventional GbE copper cannot fulfill the needs of transferring huge high definition image/video data, the presence of fiber GbE gets around the bottleneck. To meet this trend, PL610-C622 supports 1x Fiber 10 GbE, offering faster data transmission and higher bandwidth for vision inspection and HD resolution medical application.

Scale Up Server Management

The system administrators usually need to manage several servers simultaneously. Hence, the server-grade motherboards are ideally completed with dedicated IPMI LAN to enable efficient remote control and management. PL610-C622 also supports IPMI LAN for better server management, monitoring servers operation, and repairing errors independently even if CPU suddenly shut down or is damaged.

Maximize Expansion Possibilities

PL610-C622 provides versatile expansion interfaces up to 48 PCIe 3.0 and M.2 interface, delivering scalability and upgrading business capabilities. With rich expansion interfaces, PL610-C622 can be compatible with multiple devices such as motor control card, USB camera, and vision frame grabber for industrial automation and machine vision system.

Advance Cloud Computing

Cloud computing requires massive processing and consistent transmission to deal with the considerable data in the server. As a result, better memory bandwidth or capacity is necessity for intensive workloads. To meet demanding applications, PL610-C622 supports 6 DDR4 Memory RDIMM up to 192GB, providing 1.5 times more memory bandwidth than former generation.

Enpower Future IoT Applications

Owing to the growth of data generation and ad consumption in IoT applications, PL610-C622 is the most powerful server-grade alternative to scale up diverse applications in high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI), X-Ray, factory automation, hybrid-cloud data center, and more.