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DFI’s New EHL Series Embedded Computers Bring Manageability and Responsiveness of Edge Devices to A New Level

About Press Room DFI’s New EHL Series Embedded Computers Bring Manageability and Responsiveness of Edge Devices to A New Level

Dominate Edge Computing: EHL Series

Based on Ultra Low Power Intel® Atom™ x6000 Series

DFI's new-gen EHL Series embedded computing solutions powered by the Intel® Atom™ x6000 series processors are tailored to enhance the management and synergy of IoT devices. The new SoC delivers a 1.7x improvement in single-thread performance and up to 2x performance improvement in graphics than the previous generation. The performance enhancement enables remote industrial controlling devices, Kiosk, medical monitoring devices, or mobile AGV/AMR to quickly respond to edge events and optimize the efficiency of synchronization and collaboration between edge devices through intelligent management for a more comprehensive and seamless system of automation.

Power IoT in Various Scenarios

As IT infrastructures are moving to the edge, they emphasize real-time responsiveness, low power consumption, and environmental resilience of devices more. DFI specially designs the EHL series industrial motherboards, computers on module, and fanless embedded systems based on Intel® Atom™ x6000 processors. Besides having boards in form factors ranging from SBC and Mini-ITX, to COM Express Compact and COM Express Mini, DFI also provides small industrial computers that can easily overcome environmental constraints on IoT device deployment by operating efficiently at -40 to 85°C. From SBC, Mini-ITX, COM Express Compact, COM Express Mini, to small PCs, the EHL series offers more options on computing performance ranging from 4.5W to 12W, and ensures to operate efficiently with the ambient temperature at -40 ~ 85°C to achieve IoT devices management and real-time response in various industrial controls, AGV/robot control, remote medical monitoring, medical display, and transportation management.

Latency Free in Data Transmission

The independent 2.5G LAN provides amazingly faster transfer experience than the generic 1G LAN, and can simultaneously optimize the synergy between edge devices to be more real-time and seamless by the built-in in-band management functions, vPro and AMT. On the other hand, the EHL series also supports broadband wireless transmission 5G and Wifi 6, eliminating the limits that the cables bring for device deployment.

Fast and Diverse Connectivity

The EHL series leverages the high-speed PCIe Gen3 signal to achieve significant optimization in expansion and connection. In addition to DDR4-3200 memory supporting up to 32G, the EHL series also provides PCIe x4 and PCIe x1 slots, M.2 B & E key, nano SIM slots, and various I/Os such as LAN, COM, USB 3.1 Gen2, and SATA that greatly enhance the responsiveness of edge control, expansion, and connectivity.

Triple 4K HDR deliver stunning visuals

The EHL series can connect up to three 4K Ultra HD independent displays at the same time, providing a delicate and fast display of every detail for an unparalleled visual experience in industrial, retail, and shopping mall digital signage applications.

Robust Remote Manageability

The EHL series introduces vPro and AMT, which were supported only on desktop and server models, into the Atom platform to monitor as well as manage remote devices and update their operating systems and software through in-band signaling by Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet. Even when the operating system is down, the out-of-band management function can recover the system and application easily to reduce the downtime.

100% In-house Boards

From design, development, to production, DFI’s motherboards follow the 100% in-house production principle, guaranteeing manufacture quality and information confidentiality. Developed on the basis of these boards and integrated into durable chassis, our embedded systems are also ensured by turnkey services and timely post-sales assistance.

Industrial-grade Long Term Support

Long life cycle support, no risk occurred. With product life cycle support of up to 15 years, DFI guarantees performance, quality, and future repair and replacement.