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RemoGuard|Application Ready|DFI

Home Application Ready RemoGuard
  • Real-time dynamic view of your devices status
  • Real-time alerting and correlation of logs and events for troubleshooting
  • System backup and instant OS recovery
  • Out-of-Band (OOB) management solution
  • High compatibility and easy to access
  • Storage health check

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System Requirements
Web service
Web browsers that supports
HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript:
● Microsoft Internet Explorer 10+
● Google Chrome:9.0+
● Firefox:15.0+
● Safari:5.1+
Hardware Minimum
● IntelR Core™ i3 2.3 Ghz CPU or above
● 4 GB RAM
● 20 GB root partition for the system
● 100 GB data storage
Operating System:
● Ubuntu 12.04+
● Docker 17.03+
● Bundled with Innodisk Storage products
Operating System:
● Windows Server 2016 64-bits
● Windows Server 2012/2012 R2 64-bits
● Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 64-bits
● Windows 10/8.1/7/XP kernel 32/64-bits
● Ubuntu 16.04 64-bits
● Debian 8 64-bits
● Others by request

1. OOB functions strictly rely on InnoAGE SSDs.
2. Memory information varies from the module, to install an Innodisk module is strongly advised
to get complete status and avoid incompatible issues.
3. Functions might be limited by installing SSDs or memory modules not listed above.
Country of Origin
Country of Origin
Ordering Information
  • Model Name Part Number Description
  • Model Name :
    Part Number :
    Description :
    WL551-BCI-8365UE: 2x2 right angle, LVDS, TPM 2.0, InnoAGE M.2 128GB, R.2 F/G RoHS MOTHER BOARD
Optional Items
  • Item Name Part Number Description
  • Item Name :
    4-pin power to DC jack cable
    Part Number :
    Description :
    Length: 100mm
  • Item Name :
    Power adapter
    Part Number :
    Description :
    60W, 12V

Cloud to Obsolete On-Site Management - RemoGuard

Min. Effort, Max. Operability DFI’s RemoGuard cloud management platform opens easy access to monitor and control all the at-hand and remote devices. The real-time display, in-time alert, and one-button recovery further ease the effort of managing multiple devices. By putting more recovery duties on the Cloud, RemoGuard reverses the traditional time-consuming and costly on-site maintenance, and truly embodies remote management for IoT.

DFI x Innodisk

To simplify the workflow and economize on overall resources are the two main cores of industry 4.0, so for efficient operation, the device status is decisive. As a prospective embedded solution provider, DFI, in hand with Innodisk, creates RemoGuard cloud management platform for timely device monitoring. By integrating Innodisk’s iCAP and InnoAge technologies into the systems, RemoGuard will further consolidate the performance of your devices efficiently.

Live Monitoring & Lifespan Estimate

With RemoGuard, the control is in your hand. The platform updates the real-time data of logging temperature, input/output voltage, and power consumption for in-time action. But standing out from competitors, RemoGuard goes one step further; it also gives SSD lifespan estimation, turning passive notification to active prediction, to pin down a precise benchmark of replacement timing, yielding benefits for inventory control, maintenance efficiency, and service continuity.

Auto-Backup & OS Recovery in Host Down

Operation solely relying on in-band communication brings uncertainty and risks especially in downtime, but RemoGuard, integrated with SSD, now fills the gap. It adopts out-of-band (OOB) backup technologies such as Microsoft’s Azure Sphere and makes auto-backup seamless despite host failure. This unprecedented feature gives a SSD a self-sustained platform that can also be used to recover the host OS from crashes and resuscitate the host, which, we’d say, puts the “Solid basis” in a Solid State Drive.

Encryption Duo to Fortify Security

Data in IoT framework should receive full protection — both the connection to cloud and data itself. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) cryptography is adopted to secure data from tampering, and Transport Layer Security (TLS) adopted by Azure Sphere further ensures communication confidentiality. In the case of potential data breaches, secure erasure and self-destruction can also be triggered as specially required in mission-critical settings.

Intuitive UI for the Best UX

From device inspection to troubleshooting, all actions are just a click away on RemoGuard’s web-based GUI dashboard. The dynamic graphic display and intuitive UI integrate system statistics, I/O inspection, data backup, remote power on/off, and OS recovery all into a smooth user experience, converging the entire managing tasks into one single workflow.

Working with DFI

DFI’s Customization Services (DCS) comes with full support and industry expertise from a dedicated team to provide you exclusive services in design, production, warranty, repairs, and life cycle management. In order to make the project as easy as possible for you, DFI will closely work with you to learn your design requirements and offer real-time technical support as you develop the solution to reduce your development cost and effort.

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