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The DFI Solution That Provides the Most Compact and Reliable Computing Brain For the Automated Guided Vehicle of Tier 1 Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers

The DFI Solution That Provides the Most Compact and Reliable Computing Brain For the Automated Guided Vehicle of Tier 1 Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers

Automated Guided Vehicle

The printed circuit board (PCB) is the primary material of electronic products and an indispensable part of all electronic products. EC70A-SU designed for solutions with limited space and high-performance requirements has various industrial-grade I/O interfaces to cope with multiple industrial control applications to improve the storage efficiency of the world-class printed circuit board manufacturers.


Region: Taiwan

Industry: Printed Circuit Board

Application: Automated Guided Vehicle

Solution: EC70A-SU


Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGV) are commonly used in different industrial fields from warehousing to logistics and to highly automated smart factories. They can be seen everywhere. In moving towards intelligence, many Taiwanese companies hold a global leadership position in specific industrial fields. In line with the government's industrial technology policy, they are fully upgrading their manufacturing equipment to increase high-end products' production capacity, thereby increasing industrial competitiveness.

A Taiwanese electronic printed circuit board manufacturer ranked amongst the top five has fully introduced automated guided vehicles. Due to the characteristics of the production line environment, a more compact car body is required; it has rigorous space limitations and ambient temperature restrictions for its computing brain. Also, due to the vibration of loading and unloading items, more anti-shock reliability is needed. The internal structure requires six RS-232/422/485-compatible COM ports for connecting mechanical components and must have galvanic isolation protection. Finally, to improve indoor positioning, besides having WiFi, it is necessary to add Wi-SUN to achieve more accurate and optimized mobile scheduling.



EC70A-SU has a sturdy and durable structure. It is composed of industrial-grade components inside and outside. It supports 15~36V DC wide-voltage power input and can operate stably in the temperature range of -20°C to 60°C. The onboard memory has strong shock resistance to meet the application requirements of this automated guided vehicle. DFI's EC70A-SU system provides six COM ports with galvanic isolation protection and supports RS-232/422/485 simultaneously by adjusting the jumper to increase deployment flexibility.

EC70A-SU supports two MiniPCIe. In addition to WiFi, the Wi-SUN (Wireless Smart Utility Network) module, which was popularized by the Industrial Internet of Things, is added. Not only does it reinforce the WiFi's deficiencies, but it also improves indoor positioning and makes the production line more effective. The efficiency consolidates the dominant position of this PCB industry leader.

Finally, EC70A-SU supports a 15-year long-term supply of CPUs until the first quarter of 2030 and has a diverse selection of processor models, which makes the use of EC70A-SU more worry-free. DFI's compact, lightweight, and powerful EC70A-SU as a computing brain for automated guided vehicles bring higher value to Taiwan's world-leading printed circuit board industry.