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Success Story

Meticulous Customer Service and Uncompromising Product Quality That Help Create Digital Parcel Lockers All Over Europe, America, and Japan

Meticulous Customer Service and Uncompromising Product Quality That Help Create Digital Parcel Lockers All Over Europe, America, and Japan

Digital Parcel Locker

The digital parcel locker from the station, department stores, and gyms, to cake vending machines has long been in our daily lives. With fast and real-time technical consulting services, providing technical problem solutions in the shortest amount of time, flexible shipping arrangements, strict version control, and uncompromising product quality, DFI's BT253 has become the standard motherboard assigned by a European company in the field of commercial automation.


Region: Europe / America / Japan

Industry: Commercial Automation

Application: Digital Parcel Locker

Solution: BT253


The ubiquitous digital parcel locker has become a daily item that the world grew accustomed to. Not only does it take into account safety and convenience, but it also dramatically reduces the workforce requirement. A European manufacturer that is a global leader in commercial automation needs to import a standard single board computer (SBC) into several different digital parcel locker projects in Europe, the United States, and Japan. The manufacturer requires the reliability to meet various application environments, rich I/O interface, and help customers overcome different technical issues in other countries on time.

Outside the technical field, it is even more challenging to meet the commercial service level. This challenge includes how to respond to the urgent shipment needs of the customer's new project after winning the project and how to immediately complete the production and ship it from Taiwan to Europe and Asia on time. Overcoming this challenge proves DFI's professional technical support, high-efficiency manufacturing capabilities, and logistics services.

DFI can provide not only high-quality products but also technology and services. To win this multinational digital parcel cabinet project, DFI works closely with customers to respond to customers' urgent needs. With the DFI team's cooperation, the R&D team and the customer service team respond directly to customers' technical issues in real-time. Propose a solution, and finally, successfully win the order, and provide the required sample requirements in a short time.


The solid product quality and complete technical specifications have made DFI's BT253 the basis for multinational digital parcel locker. The BT253 Single Board Computer (SBC) uses Celeron J1900 processor, supports Atom E3845, and has a complete I/O interface that can meet different projects' unique needs in various countries. It also provides a 16-24V wide-voltage power input. It has been tested to withstand the operating ambient temperature of -20 to 70 degrees. Not only does the onboard 4GB DDR3L bring ample memory capacity to meet future software upgrade needs, but the eMMC also omits the additional cost of external hard drives or SSDs and strengthens the tolerance to vibration.

More importantly, Intel's CPU supply support period will last until the fourth quarter of 2028, and DFI controls the shipping version for each project, which means that customers will not have to worry about supply interruptions, being forced to re-import new motherboards, and re-verify products for a long time. That ensures the lowest development expenses and subsequent maintenance costs and fully protects the past investment.

With meticulous customer service and uncompromising product quality, DFI has successfully assisted this Europe-based customer, with global leadership in commercial automation, to create digital parcel lockers optimized for local conditions worldwide and serve countless people. This is the value that DFI, a professional industrial computer manufacturer, can bring to society.