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Success Story

DFI Provides Around-The-Clock And Omnipotent ODM Services For Gaming Industries

DFI Provides Around-The-Clock And Omnipotent ODM Services For Gaming Industries

Successful enterprises with international brands often maintain some high-quality and research-intensive ODM businesses and maintain strategic partnerships with foreign customers, emphasizing coexistence and co-prosperity cooperation. As a Qisda Group member specializing in industrial computers, DFI has also accumulated rich ODM business experience in its long forty years history.


Region: Worldwide

Industry: Gaming

Application: Any Gaming Console

Solution: DFI ODM Business

Qisda Technology is a subsidiary of BenQ AUO Group. It originated from the ODM business that Acer spun off in 2001. It is a cross-field comprehensive electronic design and manufacturing service company that plays the role of technology and system development integration in the industrial value chain. The product line covers consumer electronics, business, industrial, medical, life applications, and other technological electronic products with global R&D, manufacturing, and services. More than 20 group members are forming a complete upstream and downstream supply chain.

Joining the Qisda Group has dramatically increased DFI's service capacity in ODM, enabling DFI to respond quickly to customer needs and upgrade the service level from board manufacturing to developing an overall system in response to endless multinational acquisitions prompting customers to simplify supplier list. Therefore, ODM partners need to provide international services.

From ODM To "OKM" And "OCM"

Since the 1990s, with globalization's development, the global market and economic environment have fundamentally changed. The ever-changing market has forced the traditional ODM industry that only focused on "price" and "quantity" to be passed on. Instead, the emerging ODM business types are OKM (Original Knowledge Manufacturers) and OCM (Original Consulting Manufacturers).

Even if DFI sells existed hardware products, it can also provide other services to assist software solution providers who lack global business bases. Through DFI's global system integration (SI) partners, the combination of DFI hardware and partner's software can become overall solutions to be promoted worldwide. Take Chunghwa Telecom as an example; the No.1 telecom operator in Taiwan, its in-house artificial intelligence license plate recognition system is deployed on DFI hardware with Intel's RRK (RFP Ready Kits) certification for a worldwide promotion. This case is also the responsibility of DFI's ODM business department.

In other words, ODM manufacturers are not just "designers with design capabilities" but more like "consulting companies with manufacturing capabilities." Although the outcome is the hardware product, ODM manufacturers can further provide research and development capabilities, experience in integration, professional collaboration, meticulous customization services, and global flexibility, which is something a world-leading ODM manufacturer should have, especially for the gaming machine industry where the market situation is changing rapidly.

Take DFI's slot machine for a well-known Japanese video game company as an example; DFI is responsible for developing system motherboards and directly provides system design and subsequent integration services based on long-term experience in gaming products. This allows DFI to assist customers in the shortest time to mass-produce and ship the lowest-cost products to all parts of the world.

Modern high-tech slot machines integrate many peripheral devices to provide a better user experience, such as panels, buttons, LED light bars, high-wattage speakers, coin machines, currency counters, change channels, coin collection boxes, and so on. Usually, these peripheral devices have independent control circuit boards connected to the system motherboard and bring a more complex system architecture and more difficult integration projects. It also increases the overall cost. Therefore, the pursuit of higher system integration to gradually integrate the control circuit board into the system motherboard as best as possible can reduce costs and tests hardware manufacturers' system design capabilities.

Therefore, the higher system integration, such as the convergence of the control circuit board into the system motherboard, can reduce costs immediately, but this also tests hardware manufacturers' system design capabilities. DFI eliminates all difficulties and has a mission to complete the design, manufacture, and system integration of the whole machine while fully meeting the rules' strict requirements for the accuracy of the coin-metering measurement. Slot machines also have Jurisdiction BIOS tested and approved by GLI (Gaming Labs International), which verifies the integrity of the BIOS content and storage media through hash functions and public keys, eradicates unauthorized system login behavior, and achieves security without vulnerability.

Multinational Service Capabilities In Response To Global Acquisitions

Globalization has accelerated multinational companies' integration to prompt companies to have their bases worldwide and conduct around-the-clock operations. At this moment, ODM manufacturers have global service sites, which is a must requirement.

From Denmark's world-renowned AMR manufacturer, parcel lockers throughout Europe, America, and Japan, digital signage deployed in major European airports, polypropylene film packaging label production equipment in the United Kingdom, drilling automation systems of Russian oil companies, Turkey highway vehicle monitoring, Norway's maritime monitoring system, American industrial-grade air compressors, Japanese air-conditioning manufacturers' centralized air-conditioning management systems, China's X-ray food and foreign body safety inspections, to Dutch police car dispatch systems, are the proven records created by all DFI's meticulous customer service and uncompromising product quality.

Flexible Production Bases and CKD/SKD Capability For Deployment Of Gaming Console

Qisda Group's manufacturing bases are located in China and Taiwan, with high-quality and flexible global manufacturing capabilities and diversified services such as economical-scale manufacturing or small quantities and diversification, which can meet customers' global or local supply needs. But it's far more than that.

In recent years many developing countries, led by the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China), have become emerging markets where aggressive strategists compete. To stimulate employment, job opportunities and protect domestic industries, these economies have adopted high import tariff policies on finished products that encourage local production, such as the semi-finished product assembly (SKD, Semi-Knock Down) and the bulk material assembly (CKD, Completely Knock Down), from SMT/DIP operations to PCBA.

Therefore, in a foreign country far away from Taiwan, building localized product manufacturing has become difficult. From product design, material management, transportation logistics, quality control, packaging, testing, and production line adjustments, even local parts procurement and rebuilding the part number system, each stage has been full of challenges and unknown risks.

Amongst them, the CKD has more stringent engineering and technical requirements than SKD. The vendor must execute the SMT/DIP of PCBA in the importing country. Therefore, appropriate manufacturing and testing equipment, corresponding and trained technicians to prepare operators, and strict supervision must be made during the entire process. Otherwise, it will be a challenge to achieve the domestic production line's exact yield and quality. The long-distance, the difficulty of the jet lag, and the language barrier vigorously test the R&D energy, service quality, and logistics ability.

These vast markets that impose heavy taxes on imported finished products are undoubtedly unattractive. Still, for many Taiwanese manufacturers that lack a local supply chain in these countries, it is an unattainable wall that discourages those interested in developing in these markets. With DFI's past achievements in these markets, such as the CKD projects of lottery machines in these countries, it is proven that DFI is enough to become the best ODM partner to meet all the needs of the global gaming industry.

Qisda Group's Enormous Vertically Integrated Resources Assist Gaming  Industries To Enter The Market Quickly

DFI has accumulated rich ODM experience in the industrial computer field. Combined with the vertically integrated resources that Qisda Group is proud of, DFI also has integrated design and manufacturing, including consistent services from product design, mechanism, electronic engineering, production to panel-integrated capability, therefore providing one-stop service across mechanical design, tooling, injection moulding, and surface treatment to shorten the development time and assist the latest gaming platforms to enter the market in the shortest time and make profits for the industry quickly.

In particular, the Qisda group members can provide critical components related to the display system and use the group company's LCD, LED, handwriting touch, and IC design technology to grasp advantages from vertical integration. This is also conducive to customers who have undergone frequent cross-border acquisitions and dramatically reduces the suppliers' list to reduce logistics and operations costs.

Finally, DFI has accumulated rich experience in industrial computers and, combined with Qisda Group's reputed electromechanical R&D resource, can assist BenQ, another group member, to build its innovative autonomous mobile robot and central control system. Not only does it dramatically improve innovative production efficiency, but it also set a brand new benchmark for the practice of Industry 4.0.

DFI Is The ODM Partner In Which Gaming Industries Cannot Miss

DFI has been moving in no other direction but up since joining the Qisda/BenQ Group, a leading tech giant recognized as one of the 2018 Top 100 Global Technology Leaders by Thomson Reuters. Leveraging the strengths of the group's affiliations, Qisda has already taken its supply chain management and manufacturing productivity to a whole new level. DFI's embedded computing capabilities and solutions have since extended and found its niche in smart applications and automation across industries globally now that it has received merits from the group's resources.

With its innovative design, premium quality management system, and synergy with Qisda/BenQ Group, DFI's industrial-grade solutions enable customers to optimize their equipment and ensure high reliability, long-term life cycle, and 24/7 durability in a breadth of markets. Those markets include factory automation, medical, gaming, transportation, smart energy, mission-critical, and intelligent retail. DFI is the ODM partner in which gaming industries can't miss out the most.


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