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Success Story

DFI’s Industrial-Grade Panel Computers Assist Customers in Creating High-Performance Drug Barcode Scanner

DFI’s Industrial-Grade Panel Computers Assist Customers in Creating High-Performance Drug Barcode Scanner

Barcode Verification and Decommissioning of Prescription Medication

An industry leader in supply chain traceability solutions, and serving pharmaceutical customers for nearly 30 years, used DFI’s KSM150P touch panel computer to create a high-performance barcode verification system that can capture up to 2,000 products per hour. They ensure that healthcare institutions, hospitals, wholesalers, distributors, and pharmacies adopt this station to comply with the EU's Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD).


Region: Canada

Industry: Hospital, Pharmacy

Application: Barcode Verification and Decommissioning of Prescription Medication

Solution: KSM150P, BMKH03


The EU passed the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) in 2011 and officially implemented it on February 9, 2019. To prevent the flow of counterfeit medications, the prescription boxes sold in the EU market after February 9, 2019, must have a 2-D barcode and an anti-tampering device. Pharmacies, online sellers, and hospitals are responsible for identifying the authenticity of the drugs before they are sold to patients to ensure the safety of drugs sold in the EU.

This manufacturer's machine vision system is an automatic inspection system that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and imaging technology ( i.e., a camera or scanner) to perform 100% inspection on labels and packaging. With more than 30 years of experience in developing and deploying automated vision systems, along with a significant and continuous investment in research and development every year, they have created a medicine verification system (NMVS, National Medicines Verification System) with a recognition speed of 30 milliseconds combined with dual optical scanners (Bioptic). Theoretically, 2,000 products can be identified in one hour, providing unparalleled visibility of pharmacy operations, enabling employees to focus on real work matters, providing the highest quality patient care, and helping hospitals and retail pharmacies make use of the collected data more efficiently.

Adaptive Display Platform

But this also requires a considerable degree of computing performance and the flexibility of using different screen sizes according to different deployment environments. As a result, DFI has developed a brand-new product line series - the KSM series - to adopt an "Adaptive Display Platform (ADP)" and have an emerging and innovative approach to modularized touch panel PC design. This diverse combination of computing units and touchscreens provides system integrators with a more flexible and cost-efficient solution by upgrading specific modules instead of the whole unit. In addition, it can provide system integrators with more flexible and cost-effective solutions that are easy to install and integrate into the existing IT infrastructure.

BMKH03 and KSM150P

From "matching the existing touch screen" to "importing the whole machine," the customer chose the BMKH03 and KSM150P respectively. It's Intel i5-7440EQ processor provides excellent computing performance, and the rich I/O interface also enhances the future expansion of the function. Flexible and wide-voltage power input (9-36V) makes it more suitable for different application scenarios. Mounting or changing a touch panel or box module could never be more straightforward as the modular design can be completed within two steps. The ADP technology helps HMI (Human Machine Interface) panel PC achieves easy installation, maintenance, and ensures no long-term interruption while upgrading or maintaining the equipment.

EU's Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD)

In response to the uniqueness and professionalism of application scenarios in the medical industry, DFI also customizes product according to customer requirements to ensure that it fully meets all customer needs, such as adjustable screen designed for restricted work environments, and easy installation and integration into existing IT infrastructures, minimizing operational downtime.

DFI has launched various touch panel computers to provide advanced display and computing technology, operating stably in any industrial environment. By integrating the industrial-grade system with the panel, the products have a high degree of stability, reliability, and excellent display performance, which can meet the critical needs of any application field. "100% compliance with the EU FMD" is just the tip of the iceberg