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Success Story

Quick Sample Delivery and Precise Customization Help Customers Build 1U Rack-Mounted Video Conference Host

Quick Sample Delivery and Precise Customization Help Customers Build 1U Rack-Mounted Video Conference Host

1U Rack-Mounted Video Conference Host

The video system in the conference room has always been an indispensable requirement of the office environment. With more mature and more popular software solutions, users do not necessarily need to buy ready-made software and hardware packages but need customized hardware. Relying on fast sample delivery and precise customization in close cooperation with customers,  DFI helps customers create a 1U rack-mounted video conference host tailored to meet the needs of end customers.


Region: Europe

Industry: Video Conference System

Application: 1U Rack-Mounted Video Conference Host

Solution: CS170 Industrial Mini-ITX Motherboard


Video conference has been thoroughly integrated into human life, and the COVID-19 epidemic has sharply increased people's demand for video conference. Since the early 1970s, from the most important international institutions to local parliaments and city councils to boardrooms,  well-known institutions require voting and interpreting applications, including the European Parliament and the European Commission. One of the European customers who continuously adapt to an ever-changing world, provide solutions for hybrid meetings, social distancing, and advanced camera tracking. Due to the needs of a customized project, they need to build a small batch of 1U rack-mounted video conference hosts.


They chose DFI's CS170 industrial-grade Mini-ITX motherboard as the heart of this video conference host. It provides a rich and complete I/O interface and expandability in the compact space of Mini-ITX, which makes it easier to reduce the rack depth for better heat dissipation and cabling. DFI's highly reputed product quality and long product life, such as an MTBF of more than 29 years at an operating temperature of 60 degrees, and DFI's rapid delivery of sample and documentation, can meet the urgency of this project. What is essential is that DFI and this customer closely cooperate at the level of system integration.

This customer designed a 1U rack-mount chassis by itself, and because of the installation of an image capture card or a discrete graphics card, an additional riser card was required. DFI works closely with customers. With DFI's own rich experience in system integration, it quickly assists customers in completing the mechanical design and perfectly installs the CS170 and all peripheral devices in a 1U chassis.

In addition, to reduce the system boot time, DFI also customizes a particular version of the BIOS for customers to reduce the downtime due to system software updates and further improve the user experience. And according to Intel's product schedule, the ninth-generation Core processor can be supplied until the third quarter of 2034, which fully meets customers' needs for long-term shipments. From the eight-core Xeon to the dual-core Celeron, optional support for ECC memory improves the flexibility of system reliability. It also facilitates customers to choose different performance levels of processors and more reliable memory depending on various applications.

Every conference venue is different and needs a dedicated solution. But one thing always stays the same: you want to listen, speak, and decide with clarity and focus. With fast delivery of samples and documentation, seamless system integration, and precise customization, DFI assists customers in launching solutions to achieve their goals.