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The Highly Reliable DFI EC700-BT Fanless Embedded System Serves As The Perfect Brain For The Automated Production Line

The Highly Reliable DFI EC700-BT Fanless Embedded System Serves As The Perfect Brain For The Automated Production Line

Industry 4.0

Robotic arms have always been a popular function of factory automation in "Industry 4.0". The endless rows of robotic arms in automated production lines have long been the daily scenery of countless manufacturing industries. They are gradually spreading to the service industry and catering industry and becoming an essential indicator of the degree of industrialization. DFI EC700-BT, with its ultra-thin, stable, high-reliability, and anti-vibration characteristics, as a Chinese customer with long-standing international planning, is the perfect control brain of its universal super-large-load robotic arm.


Region: China

Industry: Automated Production Line

Application: Universal Super-Large-Load Robotic Arm

Solution: EC700-BT


The robotic arms for automating production to reduce labor and improve production efficiency has long become essential equipment for many companies and factories. In smart factories, the application of robotic arms has already been varied, which significantly increases production capacity, assists in the implementation of a sophisticated object assembly. Moreover, it effectively solves the more complex, dangerous, and challenging production processes within the industry.


When the COVID-19 epidemic causes a more significant global labor shortage and cross-border transportation pressure, the use of robotic arms to create a low-carbon local supply chain can optimize production energy and yield, and reduce energy and resource consumption, and increase local production capacity. Manufacturing products nearby, and minimizing transportation costs have also become essential policy directions for all countries that have re-examined their industries due to the epidemic.

In addition, the robotic arm has also embarked on a small and diverse customization trend. It can replace different sensors and mechanisms according to application needs. Through independent learning and data measurement, the operation of the production line can be reasonably quantified, and the data report can be used to show the operating status to enhance the enterprise's operational efficiency. Among them, in terms of application proportions, articulated robots are the majority. Not limited to manufacturing, in addition to manufacturing sites, robotic arms are gradually being used in industries such as catering and medical treatment.

A robot company in China that actively implements an international development strategy, has successively acquired a number of European and American companies, and established a European R&D center, and has completed an international development in brand and technology. Its weight is up to 2855 kg, arm span 2800mm, and repeat positioning accuracy ±0.3 mm general-purpose super-heavy load (500 kg) five-axis robotic arm, which originally used other brands of small industrial computers, switched to DFI EC700-BT as its new generation control brain, because the DFI solution has the following advantages:


Legacy Solution



Main Memory

Single SO-DIMM


Shock Resistance


Only mSATA

Optional eMMC

Shock Resistance

Internal Expansion

Full-Height Mini PCIe

Half-Height Mini PCIe (mSATA)

SIM Slot

Full-Height Mini PCIe (PCIe/USB/3G/GPRS)

Full-Height Mini PCIe (SATA)

Half-Height PCIe (PCIe/USB/LPC)

SIM Slot

Can expand more diversified wireless network specifications

COM Port

1 x RS-232

4 x RS-232/422/485

Directly meet customer needs with three COM ports

Wide Voltage



More in line with the industrial scene

Dimension  (mm)

166 x 106.6 x 41.5

180 x 121.2 x 33

Thinner and smaller, more conducive to installation and deployment

Therefore, this customer chose DFI EC700-BT because this embedded system combines anti-vibration onboard memory, ultra-thin body design, four sets of COM ports, and a more comprehensive input voltage range, which are perfectly in line with the customer needs. Furthermore, EC700-BT also has a model that supports memory error correction code (ECC) for more robust memory data integrity. According to the Intel IOTG product schedule, the processor used in EC700-BT will be supplied until the first quarter of 2028, which means that customers will not have to worry about out-of-stock issues within a few years and increase the return on investment.

From the sizeable general-purpose robot arm to the lightweight SCARA, the EC700-BT and the newer EC700-AL are perfect matches made in heaven. If you want to build the most accurate and reliable universal super-large-load robotic arm, you must not miss DFI's complete solution.