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Accelerating AI Computing with DFI’s MXM Solutions

COVID-19資訊 防疫解決方案 Accelerating AI Computing with DFI’s MXM Solutions

Accelerating AI Computing with DFI’s MXM Solutions

  • 主講者:
    Jerry Wu
    Product Manager

Today, over 90% of the enterprise data is sent to the cloud to be stored and processed. However, by 2025, this number will drop to just 25%. The remaining massive data is stored and processed on the edge, which is increasingly adopted in multiple applications over the decades. Accordingly, leveraging the AI to make edge computing more effective is becoming a trend in IoT era. So why does edge AI matter?

In this webinar you will gain deeper insights regarding how to accelerate AI computing and maximize AI solution with DFI’s MXM solutions. And it will fulfill versatile high performance computing applications deployed in IoT world like deep learning, machine learning, and edge computing to the Cloud. Join DFI's webinar to learn more about our edge AI deployment strategies and how we accelerate future AI solution with high-end embedded solutions. Stay tuned and save your spot on October 14!

Takeaways from the Webinar:

  • Overview of Data Computing and Edge AI
  • Brief Introduction of MXM Solution: P2000 & RTX3000
  • DFI’s MXM Embedded Solution: CS181

    Speakers Bio

    Jerry Wu
    Product Manager at DFI

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