Smarter, yet smaller

Machine learning and Vision for your smart edge and industrial IoT businesses have never seen better days because the Industry 4.0 market is now blessed with the arrival of DFI's 2.5" board, M8M051. This itty-bitty Hercules can easily shoulder the Herculean tasks such as object detection and defect inspection as empowered by the NXP i.MX8M processor and the support of graphics acceleration platforms such as OpenCL. Vision interfaces through high speed USB 3.1 make sure your data gets delivered and processed with the utmost efficacy.

Edge within your reach

Controllability, even for a 2.5" SBC like M8M051, has never been made this easy for tasks at the edge. With microcontrollers for I/O signals, and communication and transmission protocols such as CANbus and I²C, your smart applications at the edge would not escape your fingertips. Yet the amazement continues. Developers in charge of setting up your services will grin at the familiar and friendly platforms M8M051 has taken on: Android 9 and Yocto 2.5. Prepare yourself for the optimal performance and customization for IoT data collection and management.

Small board with big vision

One can only be amazed to see that, besides the toils of machine learning, the 2.5" board M8M051 is also capable of high-definition graphic processing. With the GPU and HDMI display, your edge services are adorned with a stunning 4K display. Along with the GbE Lan, video data streaming to the cloud with minimum latency would be one more feat that makes your business stand out, optimizing the object and defect detection tasks in the process of machine learning.

Working with DFI

DFI is committed to providing best-in-class embedded solutions for a variety of industries, including Industrial Automation, Transportation, Energy, Medical, and mission-critical applications. Share your project requirements with us, and we will contact you to discuss an optimal solution.

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