Machine learning on the go

Are you trying to introduce machine learning to your business but having difficulty searching for an SBC that works wonders? Your journey ends here because the chipsets on the M8MP553 are tailored to pave your way to quick and fast firsthand data processing. For example, applications and algorithms for object detection and defect inspection are just some of M8MP553's skill sets that allow you to offload tedious and cumbersome routines and free up your valued human resources. AI isn't a colossal and nebulous idea; it lies in this 3.5" SBC.

Easy and done in the blink of an eye

DFI knows well the importance of a developer having full access to design the interface with system management and control units on top of a high-resolution display. The microcontrollers concatenating the I/O signals make sure you will relish the experience as the machinery's tasks are consistently met in real-time, benefitting from the instant communication and transmission of protocols such as SPI and I²C. Also designed with a VPU and control interfaces for video streaming, a multitude of media, and maximum control, the expectation you have for M8MP553 is only going to be exceeded.

A gem that speaks to developers

The scale of machine learning achieved by using this 3.5" SBC is matched only with the freedom and ease of development you will experience. By supporting Android 10 and Yocto 3.0, an open source platform optimized for the IoT, M8MP553 allows the performance of your applications to sync perfectly with the computing units, sensors, and cameras. The amount of customization you can develop and design just for your industry opens up a whole new prospect of replicating the best outcome for the performance of your machine learning projects.

Working with DFI

DFI is committed to providing best-in-class embedded solutions for a variety of industries, including Industrial Automation, Transportation, Energy, Medical, and mission-critical applications. Share your project requirements with us, and we will contact you to discuss an optimal solution.

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