The Dinky but Mighty Mastermind

It is always hard to find a perfect fit for smart services at the edge. For customer-facing devices, the growing demand for versatility, computing power upgrade, and flexibility did not see a way to be met in the middle—not until DFI came up with this brilliant solution. A single board, no longer 3.5" but 2.5" in size, is now up to the task of great intellectual toil. WL051 with Intel® Core™ processors embedded doesn't break a sweat or get snowed under, not even when having to deal with a sprawling temperature range from -30 to 80°C. Paired with a phenomenal thermal solution, this midget SBC consumes the amount of power fitting to its size, guaranteeing an enduring uptime if it happens that your services run off of batteries.

Vision that knows no bounds

Versatility ready for edge computing and vision is a given for this teensy tiny board. From scampering AGVs in warehouses to surveillance and imaging, WL051, an SBC positioned to tackle tasks as such, knows best that streaming and cloud network connection should be an indispensable priority. High resolution footage from your services is the most essential asset and may demand quite some bandwidth. By endowing WL051 with dual LAN ports, network connection will no longer be at the expense of video streaming and cloud connection. Vision and networking have become more and more crucial at the edge, making WL051 the very best candidate up for the task.

Display ready to expand

Versatility of this tiny SBC does not end with its various implementations for vision. WL051 is preconfigured with both internal and external displays that open up numerous possibilities. 4K displays have become a staple for most computing units, including SBC boards with the size as small as 2.5". The auto-detection DP/HDMI combo port also allows you to select the most suitable display with zero compromise. The long list of surprises WL051 can give us does not cease here: it can never be more ready to be turned into a panel PC. With a smaller and more power efficient eDP replacing the multi-cable-required LVDS for internal display, WL051 saves up more space and power for an enhanced service experience as your panel PC is allowed to streamline and increase its up time.

Working with DFI

DFI is committed to providing best-in-class embedded solutions for a variety of industries, including Industrial Automation, Transportation, Energy, Medical, and mission-critical applications. Share your project requirements with us, and we will contact you to discuss an optimal solution.

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