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Industrial Panel PCs & Displays

Industrial Panel PCs

Industrial Panel PCs & Displays

Industrial Panel PCs

Fanless Touch Panel PC

DFI’s fanless touch panel PC series is equipped with Intel-based and ARM-based processors; delivering low power consumption in an ultra slim housing as well as efficient fanless thermal solutions. The panel PCs are also designed with IP65-rating front panel protection, wide voltage input, and extended operating temperature. Making this product line a perfect solution for human machine interface (HMI) and various applications in the harsh environment.

Expandable Touch Panel PC

DFI's Expandable Touch Panel PC is based on Intel® Core processors with stunning graphics and computing performances. Featuring strong expandability and extensive I/O interfaces (LAN/USB/COM), these flexible and modular-design touch panel PCs will fulfill your various requirements and deliver high computing performances in industry environments.

Modularized Touch Panel PC

DFI developed a brand-new series of product line - KSM series which adopts an “Adaptive Display Platform”, an emerging and innovative approach to modularized touch panel PC design. This diverse combination of computing units and touchscreens provides system integrators a more flexible and cost-efficiency solution by merely upgrading certain modules instead of the whole unit. With the advantage of updating prospects, easy maintenance, and rugged design, DFI’s new-series industrial all-in-one PCs with ADP technology are the ideal solutions for factory automation, transportation, in-vehicle, and critical mission applications.

Rugged Tablet

DFI's rugged tablet is powered by the latest 11th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors, featuring a high-brightness optically bonded projected capacitive touch screen. It is also equipped with two hot-swappable batteries, allowing for extended use and providing users with a clear, low-reflective reading experience. Furthermore, DFI's rugged tablet meets the IP65 international protection rating and STD-810H military standard. It also supports barcode scanners and up to 8 programmable buttons. Its excellent impact and scratch resistance properties make it the ideal handheld solution for industrial applications in challenging environments.

Bar Type Panel PC

DFI’s all-in-one bar type panel PCs powered by Intel Atom® processors feature not only real-computing capability, but also abundant specifications such as native masked LCD panel, high brightness, and fanless design. This product line completely meets crucial requirements within advertising, public transportation, and commercial building applications especially in constrained or atypical-shape spaces.

Industrial Display & Touch Display

What is Industrial Display? An industrial display also named an industrial monitor is typically built with the industrial touch screen IP65 design to withstand harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures, humidity, dust, and vibrations. Industrial displays and industrial monitors are also designed to be more rugged and durable than consumer displays and monitors, often featuring reinforced casing, shatterproof glass, and waterproofing touch screens, which are also used in industrial computers. How Many Types of Industrial Displays? Industrial displays are consisting of many types that can take many forms, including touch screens, LCD displays, LED displays, open frames, panel mount displays, and more. Industrial monitors are commonly used in a wide range of industrial applications such as factory automation, transportation, energy production, and medical equipment. DFI’s Industrial Display Series Projected Capacitive Multi-touch Type: IDP-ME Series, AME185 Projected Capacitive Multi-touch / Resistive Touch Two Types Touch: IDP Series, IDP070-MS, IDP156-MS

Industrial Panel PCs & Touch Panel PCs

DFI provides diverse industrial panel PCs and touch panel PC with advanced HMI displays and fanless computing technologies to ensure stable performance in industrial environments. Featured with IP65, and IP66 touchscreens and wide-temperature operation, DFI’s industrial panel PC (PPC) are highly used for ruggedized conditions.

The industrial touch screen PC integrates industrial PCs with a robust operator panel and computer. Equipped with its own-designed high-quality industrial motherboard, DFI’s industrial touch panel PC family possesses high stability and reliability to fulfill any kind of critical requirements in changeable industry fields.