Pocket size Pi box

It is always a marvel that a box PC has parted ways with its predecessors in the arena of computers and made size one of its most distinct features. EC90A-GH—with the size so small that, at first sight, would make you wonder—is the first box PC in the world to have been developed based on a Pi SBC with AMD processors and graphics. Small as it is, this fanless mini box PC dares the industry to charter the vast unknown with the mighty power EC90A-GH owns.

Reaching wherever it fits

Painstakingly stationing the service points—however remote and insignificant they seem—is crucial when it comes to fortifying the perimeters. Peripheral connections are by no means simple tasks given connectivity is now a staple in the IoT era. Specs required by services relying on graphic computing power such as, 4K-display kiosks, facial recognition technology, entrance controls, and surveillance systems can be met easily with EC90A-GH. Also, its success in achieving hassle-free service deployment lies in the configurable add-ons for wireless connection: LTE and WiFi extension plus antennas. Thanks to these well-thought-through features, the deployment of your services will be easier than ever—EC90A-GH empowers you to station your service wherever you wish.

Downtime-free maintenance

Service integrity around the clock has always been the most vital criteria that win over the loyalty of business partners. DFI's collaboration with Ubuntu has single-handedly wiped away the common nuisance of IoT applications—downtime induced by maintenance and updates. EC90A-GH operates on a certified Ubuntu platform that is to be maintained, managed, and safeguarded with real-time monitoring, upgrade and recovery over the air. This extra mechanism for service continuity ticks the threat of downtime right off.

Working with DFI

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