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Industrial Motherboards

Industrial Embedded Motherboard

Industrial Motherboards

Industrial Embedded Motherboard
DFI's embedded industrial atx motherboard with high-classed longevity (ranging from ultra-small Pico-ITX to full-function industrial ATX motherboards) provide value-added services to a broad range of embedded applications based on cutting-edge platforms and technologies.

1.8" SBC

DFI's 1.8” SBC board measuring only 84mm x 55mm is equipped with ultra-slim, fanless design and wide-temperature support which is ideal for space-constrained applications such as factory automation.

2.5" Pico-ITX

DFI's Pico-ITX SBC board (100 x 72 mm) support low power consumption and fanless design with rich I/O connectivity in order to target space-limited embedded applications like site management and IoT gateway.

3.5" SBC

DFI’s 3.5" embedded SBC board (146 x 102 mm) is featured with rich I/O, and supports various internet connections. Extended operating temperature and wide input voltage range are industrial features that can meet most of industrial grade applications.

4" SBC

DFI’s 4" SBC board has a size of 165mm x 115mm. This proprietary form factor with rich I/O expansion capability and slim compact designs can serve the customer whose equipment is in a variety of critical applications.


DFI's PICMG 1.3 boards are built with versatile I/O ports and plenty of backplanes to achieve flexibility and expansion capability. With comprehensive backplane and high performance boards, DFI can offer a great solution for expandable industrial application.


DFI's embedded Mini-ITX motherboard (measuring to only 170mm x 170mm) is designed with a variety of I/O connectors for low power solution with passive cooling and DC input features and for desktop solution with high performance. This compact and highly integrated board delivers rich I/O and expansion slots; which makes it an ideal solution for KIOSK, gaming, and digital signage, etc.


MicroATX (μATX) motherboards (measuring to 244mm x 244mm) offer high performance and cost efficiency with a smaller footprint when compared to ATX. DFI's microATX boards are equipped with up to 4 expansion slots (a combination of PCI and PCI Express) and rich I/O ports that are suited ideally for cost sensitive applications such as medical, industrial automation, and surveillance applications.


DFI's ATX embedded motherboards feature a high computing capability, rich I/O connectivity, high integration, and expansibility, which support up to 7 expansion slots. The ATX board’s form factor is 305mm x 244mm, making it an ideal solution for industrial automation and machine vision applications that require reliability & add-on-card expansibility.


DFI’s extended ATX-motherboard (330mm x 305mm) is the industrial-grade server board that enables superior computing performance with high bandwidth interfaces built for embedded applications where highest-level performance is required.


DFI provides industrial peripherals that include riser cards, DC/DC converters, and proprietary expansion modules to add availability, scalability, and flexibility to customers’ solutions. From standard to custom designed products that cover a wide selection of expansion modules, DC/DC converters, and multiple riser cards, it is able to satisfy a full range of industrial requirements.