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Mini-ITX Motherboard

You can easily contact us all over the world, Please looking for of the follow.

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Advantages of Mini-ITX Motherboard

The Mini ITX motherboard is currently a popular form factor in numerous industries for its small sized motherboard (170mm x 170mm) that provides PCIe x16 or MXM slots for GPU card expansion. The mini-ITX motherboards with the rich I/O ports and interfaces that can swiftly fulfill diverse applications required by a wide range of industries, further, this board supports diverse CPU platforms such as Intel, AMD, strikes a perfect balance of functionality and performance.

Why DFI’s Mini-ITX Motherboard?

DFI's embedded Mini-ITX motherboard has a small footprint (170mm x 170mm) and is designed with a variety of I/O connectors and flexible DC/ATX power input. For low power solutions, passive cooling is even available for users to enjoy an extended device lifespan. The compact and highly integrated Mini-ITX boards deliver high connectivity and scalability, and are always regarded as the ideal solution for AGV/AMR, KIOSK, digital signage, and gaming.

What Makes DFI Mini-ITX Motherboard Stand Out?

MXM Module Support: Leverage AI for Deep Learning

The MXM module provides high-speed computing performance through a discrete GPU while reducing the size of the unit. 

Featured Mini ITX Motherboards: CS181-H310 and CS181-Q370

Spectacular Clarity and Sensational Visuals with Four Displays

With up to 4 DP++ independent outputs at 4K 60Hz, DFI’s Mini-ITX motherboard presents each detail exquisitely for high resolution applications like stadium boards, billboards, and other large digital signage applications.

Featured Mini ITX Motherboards: RNO171

Multiple Specifications to Meet the Demand Faster 

The comprehensive and diverse specifications of DFI’s ITX motherboards have been winning users' preference on solution integration. Developers can easily find a cost-effective board with specs corresponding to the target developing solution.