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ATX Motherboard

You can easily contact us all over the world, Please looking for of the follow.

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ATX Motherboard - The Backbone of High Performance Computing

The ATX motherboards have been occupying the top place it was deployed in automation, especially for high performance computing-required solutions. Besides the robust processors, the abundant expansions for memory and GPU also help boost the quality and speed in graphics analysis, which is exactly what the applications with heavy workloads, like defect inspection, medical imaging, and smart diagnosis, are looking for.

Features of DFI’s ATX Motherboards

DFI’s ATX (measuring 305mm x 244mm) embedded motherboards feature a high computing capability, rich I/O connectivity, high integration, and great expandability for graphics cards, motion control cards, and memory. The robust processors and add-on powerful GPU make it an ideal solution for industrial automation and medical imaging, like machine vision, MRI, and CT imaging that require reliability & add-on-card expansibility.

Application Types for DFI’s ATX Motherboards

DFI’s Server-Grade ATX Motherboards for AOI & Medical Imaging

Image quality and analysis are critical for AOI to precisely detect the defects of products in semiconductor fabrication plants; or for CT or MRI images with high clarity to help doctors diagnose accurately. DFI’s server-grade ATX motherboards are tailored for applications that require high precision with no errors. 

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DFI’s ATX Motherboards for Industrial Automation

Equipped with robust scalability in data and graphics compute performance, ATX motherboard empowers a wide range of industrial automation solutions, such as material feeding, component production, and functional testing, and inspection for quality assurance to ensure both the productivity and quality of the production lines.

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Legacy Interfaces Support with DFI’s ATX Motherboards

DFI’s ATX Motherboards with PCI Legacy Support

The PCI interface was widely used in industrial equipment a couple of decades ago. To offer a cost-effective computer upgrade or repair plan in the equipment, DFI designs the ATX motherboards with the legacy PCI interface and makes the upgrade process faster and more seamlessly.

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DFI’s ATX Motherboards with ISA Support

For legacy peripherals or devices with the ISA interface (eg. modem or sound card), DFI’s ATX motherboards also offer ISA slots to update or replace the end-of-life compute center at a cost-effective integration. DFI has also developed proprietary software, BIOS, and drivers to support the Windows 7 OS widely-used by ISA peripherals or devices.

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