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MicroATX Motherboard

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What Is a Micro ATX Motherboard?

MicroATX motherboard referred to as mATX motherboard, is a type of industrial motherboard measuring up to 244mm x 244mm (9.6" × 9.6").

The Advantages of DFI’s Micro ATX Motherboards

Compared to ATX motherboards, DFI’s MicroATX motherboards are supported with versatile CPU sockets including the latest Intel, and AMD processors, and diverse slots such as Wifi, and DDR4 are highly used for several industries from industrial automation and gaming which require high-performance computing and multi-tasking capabilities. In addition, the micro ATX motherboard is completed to be used for displaying high-resolution medical images efficiently, and sufficient ports/interfaces on the motherboard are a must to be able to connect with the required sensors and devices. DFI provides microATX boards series with several advantages as below:

High-Performance Computing

DFI’s completed product series with Intel 8th gen processors have the capability of delivering advanced 4K video experiences supported with a resolution higher than 1080p and high-quality UHD streaming media. It is suited for applications such as digital signage, digital security, and surveillance. It is able to be perfectly fitted into different applications.


It's worth thinking about whether or not you need all the extra features that come with a full-size ATX motherboard. Unless you're planning to load up on PCIe add-in cards, you'll likely find that a micro ATX motherboard will have everything you need to complete your build while also costing a good deal less than an ATX board.

Versatile I/O Interfaces and Sockets

Our product series with 8th gen processors adopt the newest technology USB Type-C and USB 3.1 Gen2 to benefit data transfer rates of up to 10 Gbps. It’s two times faster than USB 3.0. This enables rich I/Os and multiple expansions, making it an ideal solution for machine vision and industrial automation applications.

Applications of DFI’s microATX Motherboards

The high-performance computing compatibility of DFI’s micro-ATX motherboards can be applied in multiple industries that are suited ideally for cost-sensitive applications such as:


DFI's micro ATX board series caters to the needs of demanding gamers in the market by offering high-performance computing. These boards come equipped with multiple 4K video outputs, various high-speed USB ports, and flexible digital input/output options that enable control of buttons, lights, switches, and other peripherals. With these advanced features, DFI's micro ATX motherboard series provides gamers with an exceptional computing experience.


DFI has developed a range of embedded products to fit the diverse requirements of medical equipment including point-of-care terminals, patient monitoring systems, medical imaging nursing carts, and portable diagnostic devices. Providing flexible, state-of-the-art embedded solutions for these devices is at the core of our business.

Industrial Automation

DFI’s complete embedded products are specially designed with industrial-grade components and 100% Japanese solid capacitors to ensure long product life cycles and are capable of working in wide temperature ranges under harsh factory conditions. As you develop solutions to reap the benefits of automated manufacturing, DFI is an ideal partner to address all of your embedded processing system requirements.


DFI's micro ATX products not only provide sufficient computing performance and PCIe slots to process large amounts of information in real-time, but it is also compatible with the legacy PCI slots to protect customers' past investments. It also provides riser cards that meet the mechanical space for customer needs, eliminating the cost of customizing brackets to ensure seamless 24/7 surveillance of facilities.