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Application-Specific System

Application-Specific System

Railway System

DFI railway system commits to achieving high versatility and reliability in today’s increasingly complex rolling stock operations. With NVIDIA MXM modules and 5G capabilities, they can handle autonomous driving and AI vision in the IoT ecosystem. Moreover, all the essential standards and features for railway system are ready for your requirements including EN50155 EU railway standard, multiple M.2 and mini PCIe (LTE, 5G, Wifi/BT, GNSS, CAN bus, MVB), wide temperature, and wide voltage (77-137.5V).

In-vehicle System

The design of DFI’s In-vehicle Computers centers on reliability, MIL-STD anti-vibration, and SWap — small, lightweight, and low power consumption. The systems are certificated by E-Mark (E-13) to guarantee the quality level of electromagnetic. To provide real-time data analysis, DFI’s In-Vehicle systems are built in with Mini PCIe and M.2 expansions for additional connectivity such as 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, GNSS, and CAN-Bus. Wide-temperature, wide-voltage, and in-vehicle power management jointly ensure stability and astonishing endurance even in harsh environments.

Medical System

DFI’s medical computing systems yields high-performing throughput while being delicate and compact. The onboard 4K display ports and expansion slots target high-resolution imaging capabilities. Nano-silver coatings well-known for its sterilizing power are what make the systems distinct and keep you safe from threats invisible to the naked eye. Noise-free, peaceful quietness is met by the fanless cooling design, specifically developed to eliminate the inconveniences of traditional fan coolers. DFI’s medical computing systems can be found in nursing carts, healthcare information systems, and medical OEM equipment integration, with one ultimate goal in mind — to ensure the best patient care.

Gaming Embedded System

The trend of being more modernized and compact in gaming and recreation industries is now answered by DFI’s latest box systems. The 63mm (2.5”) depth and wall mount design make your machines slimmer than ever, and make room for more. Expandability via various I/O interfaces that are vertically installed allows for easy configuration and multi-purpose peripherals. Cable dressing is especially attended to detail to achieve safety and aesthetics. GLI-certified BIOS and NV Memory also assure that data can be retained after being powered off for five years.

Application-Specific System

DFI has developed various Application-Specific Systems to assist system integrators (SI) in deploying quick integration with software and hardware. Optimizing deployments for specific and diverse applications such as intelligent transportation, medical, gaming, and so on. DFI not only provides a long-term embedded product lineup, but also will be a great support to reduce your efforts for integrating the entire solution and shorten the time-to-market, speed up the lead time, and fulfill your customized requirements, which is available upon every request.