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UL Certification

Shorten Your System UL Certificate Journey!

UL Certification

Shorten Your System UL Certificate Journey!

Reputable Certification as Time Gone By - UL

When it comes to electrical safety in North America, UL is the reputable standard of certification. UL is a global safety certification company with more than a century of expertise in innovative safety solutions. According to customers’ needs, DFI understands the necessity of providing UL-certified products; therefore are collaborating with UL to certify our products.

UL-Certified Factory in DFI

Not only are DFI products certified by UL, but DFI's factory in Taiwan is also UL-certified facilities. For our valued partners, DFI produce products by following the certified procedures and equipment adherence to UL standard.

Comprehensive Capability and Rich Experience

UL certification symbolizes excellent manufacturer competency. DFI has rich experience in UL-60950/UL-62368, UL-61010, and UL-60601 for factory automation, smart medical, and IoT devices. Not every DFI product is UL-certified, but DFI can supplement UL certification by requests from our customers. DFI has confidence in qualified reliability and rich experience of the products.

About Underwriters Laboratories

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is an independent certification organization to perform safety testing for more than a century. ARCOM, the admired infrastructure solution provider, has a long-term collaboration with UL to achieve a detailed examination of the entire system including the chassis, power supply units, industrial motherboards, backplanes, daughter boards, and accessories.

Let's take a look at DFI UL Certified Products

System Products

Board Level Products