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Stakeholder Service

Discover the transparent and effective channels to communicate with us

Stakeholder Service

Discover the transparent and effective channels to communicate with us
About Investor Relations Stakeholder Service

Engaging our diverse stakeholders on a continuous basis provides important input that informs our decision making. It also helps us improve and make progress towards our commitments to sustainable business development.

  • Stakeholder
  • Stakeholder : Employee
    Description : DFI strives for a harmonious labor relationship and greatly values employees’ opinions. We have set up an opinion box and a virtual one in the enterprise information system so that our colleagues can fully express their thoughts.
  • Stakeholder : Supplier
    Description : DFI has a complete supplier selection system to ensure the smooth and effective supplement of raw materials in a fast changing environment. DFI seeks and pursues long-term relationships with suppliers to maintain high flexibility for product production.
  • Stakeholder : Customer
    Description : DFI upholds the value of integrity and sustainability for business developments. For product production, quality management including design quality, manufacturing quality and service quality is strictly implemented to ensure the best quality results.
  • Stakeholder : Investor Relations
    Description : DFI has a complete spokesman system and holds investor conference regularly to disclose financial information. DFI is committed to maintaining honest business interactions and stable dividend returns to protect the interests of investors.