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About Press Room Pioneer! 「Industrial Pi + PoE」 2.5” SBC Subverts The Layout at The Edge
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Pioneer! 「Industrial Pi + PoE」 2.5” SBC Subverts The Layout at The Edge|Press Room|DFI

Pioneer! 「Industrial Pi + PoE」 2.5” SBC Subverts The Layout at The Edge

2021/01/04 (UTC-6)

Pioneer! 「Industrial Pi + PoE」 2.5” SBC Subverts The Layout at The Edge

In the rise of IoT and automation, edge computing has been stretched to every corner, and DFI’s PoE (Power over Ethernet) powered SBC board, AL05P, is going to further subvert the current layout of devices deployed in factories as well as buildings and enlarge edge application development. With the pioneering design of power wire integrated into network cable, the system can receive power and data simultaneously through Ethernet to effectively reduce wiring cables for space constrained applications. In other words, flexibility for device deployment highly increases rather than being limited by power supply.


Industrial PoE Pi in Building & Factory Automation – AL05P

Benefited from the PoE design, DFI’s AL05P single board solution expands the sites and spaces for edge application installation in various scenarios. The slightly-bigger-than-Pi-sized board, measuring 100mm x 72mm, eliminates the concerns for space limitation and further fits the edge device into wide space options like on the wall, in the corner, or between a narrow gap far from electrical outlets.


Aside from flexibility for deployment, its powerful Intel Atom® Processor E3900 Series features enhanced processing power, wide temperature, and PoE isolation up to 500V. Embedded on the single board, the CPU computes efficiently with high agility, reliability, and security, functioning perfectly for a variety of edge applications such as surveillance and smart access control in building automation, or data collection from sensors in smart manufacturing.


PoE will power the world of the future, and the PoE on a single board will build the world of IoT and automation. DFI’s leading design for PoE-powered SBCs are the ideal solution for your edge application invention in smart factories, building automation, or further creative applications.


Key Features:

  • FIRST “Industrial Pi + PoE”
  • Minimal wiring for remote sites
  • Save installation and equipment cost when installing power/internet access
  • Powered by Intel Atom® Processor E3900 Series
  • Support PoE PD 802.3af
  • PoE isolation +0.5KV