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About Press Room Cloud IoT management system adds another boost! DFI and Allxon have joined hands to introduce a remote management platform with a complete and open public cloud
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Cloud IoT management system adds another boost! DFI and Allxon have joined hands to introduce a remote management platform with a complete and open public cloud|Press Room|DFI

Cloud IoT management system adds another boost! DFI and Allxon have joined hands to introduce a remote management platform with a complete and open public cloud

2021/03/02 (UTC-6)

DFI is cooperating with Allxon to introduce a "Cloud-based Out-Of-Band Device Management Solution" to bring IoT hardware management to the cloud for integration. Allxon provides the first and only comprehensive remote management with cloud services on an open platform for all vertical applications in the industry.

With the integration of artificial intelligence applications into IoT devices, tens of billions of connected IoT edge devices are now deployed at sites worldwide. However, the personnel responsible for maintaining the equipment is far from keeping up with the rapid increase in IoT devices. When the edge device is down or the operating system is crashed, a maintenance engineer will be assigned to fix the system. It is time-consuming and costly. What if remote service and maintenance can be performed through cloud-based, out-of-band management solutions? In that case, even if the edge device is damaged or intruded, the operating system can be quickly recovered or turned on and off remotely. It saves operational costs, improves service quality, reduces personnel contact, and reduces infection risk.

Also, because Allxon is an open platform for AIoT device management with full hardware and software integrations, customers from DFI can now perform remote mass software deployment through the In-Band (INB) services on Allxon DMS. At any time, customers can upload and configure device settings on the Allxon DMS portal. When the edge devices are connected to the Internet, the software download process and the installation configuration will be automatically completed by the Allxon DMS Agent. And through the out-of-band management module (Allxon swiftDR OOB Enabler), customers can perform disaster recovery actions such as enforcement power off/on and SSD recovery when the device crashes with a blue screen or when the system is not responsive. This state-of-the-art out-of-band management significantly reduces maintenance time and labor costs. The Allxon device management solutions can also get the real-time operating status and provide warning notifications such as temperature, humidity, battery life, and intrusion detection. It can also collect device information and health status data automatically and displays it on the Allxon DMS portal. Nevertheless, Allxon DMS can also provide alerts before anomalies occur to reduce impending damage and allow engineers to have time to respond in advance to reduce costly losses.

Steven Tsai, President of DFI, said: "With the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things (AIoT), the amount of data between the proliferating edge devices and the cloud will increase. A complete cloud-based out-of-band management system will inevitably be needed. The cooperation between DFI and Allxon will further enhance the completeness of DFI's cloud management of the Internet of Things and provide enterprises with the best cloud tools for better management."

Allxon's CEO Alex Liu said: "Allxon provides a ready-to-use and easy-to-integrate cloud platform with functions such as mass deployment & configurations services, AI model updates through OTA (Over-The-Air), and even provides 24/7 monitoring and management services on both hardware and software of the edge devices. Allxon can assist DFI in the era of AIoT. In the event of natural disasters or pandemics, it is essential to have cloud-based remote management solutions that allow OT teams to monitor, control, and manage edge devices worldwide to improve the efficiency of device operation."

Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, remote management has become an essential tool for enterprises. The cooperation between DFI and Allxon, in addition to DFI's existing RemoGuard small system management platform corresponding to Microsoft Azure Sphere, further strengthens the integrity of the cloud IoT management solution and assists customers in building an IoT application architecture with uninterrupted services.


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Together with our partners, we envision a world of open and optimized business operations. Allxon builds an efficient and free device management platform to empower business solutions. Since 2001 in IaaS, 2011 in PaaS, 2017 into SaaS, Allxon has transformed itself into a purely SaaS service provider since 2019. Allxon sought to leverage our hardware expertise at each stage to provide users with the best software integration and service. In 2020, Allxon successfully joined NVIDIA Jetson EcoSystem, becoming the first official preferred partner from Taiwan in delivering software professional services.