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About Press Room Accelerating Long-Distance Transmission with DFI IDP-MS Industrial Monitor Solution
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Accelerating Long-Distance Transmission with DFI IDP-MS Industrial Monitor Solution|Press Room|DFI

Accelerating Long-Distance Transmission with DFI IDP-MS Industrial Monitor Solution

2022/07/20 (UTC-6)
industrial monitor

One-Cable Solution for Industrial Connectivity

DFI, the leading global provider of high-performance computing technology across multiple embedded industries, unveils the wireless monitor solution IDP-MS series. IDP-MS features a one-cable industrial connectivity solution, supporting long-distance transmission application signal via Ethernet cable (CAT6) from device to monitor. The RJ45 cable is integrated with multiple functions, including Powered LAN, HDMI, Digital Audio, USB 2.0 signal, and Full HD display, which can supply power up to 200w and support up to 100 meters of transmission distance.

This solution enables using a single-category cable to meet all industrial PC requirements. The IDP-MS series is designed with versatile features such as an IP65 rating to endure harsh environments and supports daisy-chain installation for a multi-display climate with no latency.

It’s essential to guarantee industrial-grade connectivity performance and control. DFI’s IDP-MS series is an ideal cost-effective solution that helps resolve all significant challenges in the industrial environment, including space and distance limitations, cable quality, and complex installation. IDP-MS series also delivers high-performance management to improve manufacturing efficiency and achieve an intelligent factory.

IDP-MS series fulfills the needs of the following markets: digital signage, corporate enterprise, hospitality, education campus, and multi-media industrial-grade display applications.


Highlight Features:

  • Two Types of Touch Screen: Projected Capacitive Multi-touch / Resistive Touch
  • IP Rating: IP65 Front Panel
  • Supports 3 Signal Interfaces: VGA/DVI/HDMI
  • Supports Modular Extended Display: Wifi Display
  • Various Mounting Types: VESA Mount 75 / Panel Mount
  • 7” and 15.6” sizes are available
  • Advanced Voltage: Support USB Type C up to 20VDC

Target Applications:

  • Intelligent Factory
  • Transportation, e.g., airport, train station, etc.
  • Digital Signage
  • Campus Education