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Enable revolutionary IoT solutions to advance your healthcare systems


Enable revolutionary IoT solutions to advance your healthcare systems


DFI is a pioneer in delivering a wide range of industrial motherboards, embedded systems and panel PCs for intelligent healthcare applications. With flexibility, reliability, and cost efficiency, DFI certified products continuously evolve to help medical professionals assist patients more effectively and efficiently. Self-registration Kiosks, CT systems, ultrasound systems, nursing station dashboards, X-ray, and bedside infotainment systems contain electronics that require stability, high efficiency, low power consumption, stable data transmission, and high-resolution graphics. Additionally, DFI products optimize staff workflows and productivity through treatment procedure automation. In today’s healthcare market, care providers are not only time-constrained, but also must provide patients with quality, patient-centered care in a convenient and comfortable environment. DFI has developed a range of embedded products to fit the diverse requirements of medical equipment including point-of-care terminals, patient monitoring systems, medical imaging nursing carts and portable diagnostic devices. Providing flexible, state-of-the-art embedded solutions for these devices is at the core of our business.


Industrial Motherboards

Fanless Designs Maintain a Quiet Healthcare Environment

Embedded computers must adhere to stricter standards when used in medical environments. To address the requirement for quiet operation, DFI’s fanless industrial-grade Mini-ITX boards operate silently and, with no moving parts, reduce the risk of failure. With the increased popularity of compact and light medical devices, industrial-grade motherboards made without fans also allow slimmer-sized computers to fit within space-optimized encasements. Utilizing high-resolution images and video clips from a wide range of modalities is a crucial factor that impacts diagnostic accuracy. Medical equipment not only necessitates compact design, but also requires outstanding graphics capabilities. With leading-edge features, DFI’s products significantly benefit healthcare clients, maximizing flexibility and user experience.

Complete, Accuracy and Safe Diagnostic Information Transmission

Data transmission is a real-time, continuous process that provides first or second-hand patient information. A minor data transmission failure that influences a clinical diagnosis could put a patient's life in danger. DFI’s reliable and robust industrial-grade motherboards, undergoing strict testing in ESD, extended temperature and HALT, prevent information transmission issues. DFI’s boards also provide a wide array of high bandwidth I/O interfaces that support fast, stable transmission speed and a variety of data transfer interfaces including WIFI, internet cable, mini PCIe, and COM. With increasing regulation of patient healthcare information, medical device producers must help healthcare facilities protect patients’ personal and healthcare data. With Intel® Active Management Technology, that utilizes management and security applications to secure and repair databases, DFI successfully addresses healthcare clients’ information security requirements.


High Resolution Capability for Medical Imaging

Medical imaging technology plays an important role in helping medical practitioners improve the accuracy of diagnostics. Medical imaging is used in a variety of applications including MRI systems, 3D ultrasound, and telemedicine, allowing remote hospitals to overcome distance barriers. The applications mentioned above all require enormous processing power to deal with high-resolution image data. DFI’s off-the-shelf system-on-module product line is an ideal solution to fulfill these requirements. This product series supports both Intel and AMD multicore platforms, delivering high-performance computing to collect data in real-time, and providing extensive high-speed I/O connectivity for expansion with medical displays, probes, control panels, cameras, and more. Powerful integrated graphics capabilities enable 3D image rendering to provide extremely high resolution and detailed medical images required by high-end medical devices (including 3D ultrasound devices, MRI system, and CT systems).

Small Form Factor Qseven Modules for Fan-less Healthcare Devices

With the continuing trend toward miniaturization and lower power consumption in electronics and healthcare, medical devices are becoming smaller and more personalized. Medical device providers and system integrators have begun to develop equipment with compact size and high mobility, like portable ultrasound stations and miniature, wireless medical PCs. With its ultra-small build and energy-saving features, DFI’s Qseven module is well suited to serve as a central controller in a space-constrained application. DFI’s Qseven offers efficient performance and its passive cooling design provides silent operation as well as longer MTBF to reduce maintenance time and cost. DFI provides complete technical support services to assist customers with developing their own carrier board, allowing customers to focus on their differentiating core competencies and stay ahead of competitors.

Industrial Computers

Complete Solution from Boards to Integrated Medical Computers

As the demands of smart healthcare applications increase, DFI provides medical device manufacturers and system integrators with an array of medical embedded product families. Customers can select from board-level offerings, including off-the-shelf boards, low profile Mini-ITX boards, and flexible system-on-modules, and system-level offerings such as an integrated medical computer. Using reliable industrial motherboards as main controllers, DFI has developed an array of integrated solutions for medical applications. The newest medical-grade computing solution series is built with high-quality, industrial-grade components to ensure the entire unit runs reliably 24/7/365. This computing solution is equipped with 4KV isolation I/O ports (COM, USB, LAN) and a medical-grade antibacterial finish on the surface, which prevents damage from harsh medical cleansers. It also includes specialized heat dissipation technology with silent operation, making the series ideal for operating rooms, nursing stations, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Customization Service and Compliance with International Standards

In the past decades, DFI has collaborated with many leading, global companies building solutions in digital healthcare. DFI provides in-depth embedded technologies across the medical industry including ultrasound machines, MRI and CT systems, dental X-Ray scanners, healthcare information management, and medical video recorders. Through our comprehensive DCS (DFI Customization Service) process, DFI helps our customers customize an all-in-one medical-grade computer and solution through the board design phase, hardware/software integration, and in mass production, adhering to strict quality control. DFI has rich experience in assisting customers with designing products compliant with worldwide standards (ISO 9001:2008, CE, FCC Class B, UL) and medical-related certifications (ISO 13485:2003, IEC 60601-1-2:2014, EN 60601-2:201, ISO 14971:2007) to satisfy requirements in operational safety and quality.