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Deliver intelligent transportation systems for smarter traffic connections


Deliver intelligent transportation systems for smarter traffic connections


An increasing number of people utilize public traffic systems because of their convenience and cost-efficiency. Intelligent transportation systems play an important role in delivering reliable, flexible, and 24/7 non-stop performance that helps deliver the ideal passenger travel experience, while also ensuring a smooth system integration and deployment. DFI's intelligent transportation solutions perfectly address these complex requirements through the development of optimized, rugged boards and industrial systems. These products cannot only survive a -40°C to +85°C extended temperature range, but also are equipped with a wide power voltage input range to ensure stable operation in harsh transportation environments. Moreover, to save our customers time and cost, DFI further provides an array of integration services—ranging from design assistance and selection of specific components to BIOS/OS/software customization—which can accelerate the integration of transportation systems. With more than 36 years of development experience in the field of embedded solutions, DFI has confidence in being able to comprehensively support our customers in achieving excellent performance and unparalleled quality in intelligent transportation applications. 


Industrial Motherboards

Accelerating IoT with High-Speed Wireless Data Transfer

Transportation systems rely upon safe and reliable data transmission technology. As IoT (internet of things) devices proliferate, solution providers need ways to offer safer, faster, and more efficient wireless transfers. The term IoT generally refers to applications where network connectivity and computing capability are embedded in smart objects, sensors and other devices, allowing them to exchange data over a network. Transportation clients can achieve stable, high-speed information transfer between IoT devices by utilizing the high bandwidth interfaces (Ethernet, PCIe, and miniPCIe) on DFI’s reliable, high-performance, industrial-grade motherboards.

Compact, Feature-Packed, Industrial-Grade Motherboards

Embedded technologies are frequently utilized in space-constrained applications, so the size of embedded processing boards has become a greater concern for solution providers. Transportation applications, including MRT control devices, ticket machines, fare collection machines, and card application systems, are designed with smaller or slimmer footprints that achieve high flexibility in space-constrained industrial environments. To fit into a narrow space, a compact industrial-grade motherboard, such as the DFI Pico-ITX and other embedded SBCs, are the most feature-rich modules in their class.

DFI’s thin-sized boards measure less than 25mm, including the I/O shield, and they feature a multitude of I/O ports. When facing space and height limitations, the majority of industrial boards are unable to support a broad array of I/O. With DFI’s certified board lay-out capability, our narrow-width boards feature three independent displays, supporting HDMI, LVDS, VGA, DVI or DP, and can simultaneously support up to 9 USB 3.0/2.0 ports, 4 COM ports, and a rich set of expansion slots.


System-on-Modules Ease Integration and Add Features

Increased urbanization is an unstoppable worldwide trend that drives change in the transportation sector. With a growing level of environmental awareness and cost consciousness, the majority of the global population now chooses to travel by public transportation. With this increasing usage, the stability and ease-of-maintenance of transportation systems have become critical issues for system integrators. DFI’s exclusive SOM (system-on-module) value-added design services address these challenges by combining upgradable designs with life cycle management. Powered by the latest Intel® Core™ and Intel Atom® series processors, these modules are packed with features that accelerate application performance. Also, to improve cost-efficiency and adaptability, the machine can be upgraded with a pin-compatible CPU, enabling long-term cost-savings and keeping integrators focused on their application core competency.

#Intelligent Railway Solution : https://pages.dfi.com/dfi-railway-solution

DFI System-On-Modules Enable Feature Expansion

Electronic systems lower the administration cost, improve reliability and extend the longevity of transportation systems. As various components, such as coin counters and ticket dispensers, are integrated into machines, the expansion capabilities of transportation system electronics becomes a critical design criterion. DFI’s off-the-shelf, small form-factor modules contain high-speed serial interfaces and can support new features using expansion capabilities. With multiple expansion interfaces, DFI’s modules allow various peripheral devices, such as smart card readers, receipt printers, cash and coin counters, LCD monitors, and coin hoppers and sorters, to be incorporated via I/O connectors. DFI system-on-modules also support various display interfaces, delivering a rich multimedia experience to end-users.

Industrial Computers

Ensuring 24/7 Operation in Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) utilize advanced information and communications technologies to enable improved traffic management and provide safe, smart, and innovative services in transport networks. For embedded systems at the core of ITS devices, 24/7 stable operation and rugged industrial design is necessary to run in the challenging environmental conditions of heavy-workload ITS applications.

DFI offers a broad, high-performance product portfolio from industrial motherboards to integrated systems with wireless connectivity (supporting Wi-Fi/4G LTE/Lora). DFI modules and systems connect with numerous on-vehicle sensors and are capable of accurately and seamlessly detecting, recording, processing and transmitting large data sets, generated by transportation networks to the cloud control center. Also, our embedded systems are mechanically ruggedized, with soldered components and cable free designs to enhance anti-vibration capability and improve shock resistance.

These features as well as an extended operating temperature range enable DFI systems and modules to perform in extremely challenging environments such as on bumpy roads or in bad weather like pouring rain or in a snowstorm.

Furthermore, to meet the complex demands of our partners and system integrators, DFI offers integrated systems with modular flexibility and scalability. For example, the system dimensions and thermal design are customizable to space and environmental limitations. The wide input voltage solution supports a 9~36V wide input voltage designed to prevent device damage from an unstable power input, and a replaceable and modular I/O board design assures quick time-to-market, even with customization. DFI is dedicated to providing reliable, intelligent embedded systems for ITS solutions around the world and has technical domain know-how, derived from numerous success stories spanning decades, to help our customers build systems that meet their requirements in in-vehicle applications, traffic management surveillance systems, fleet management, and also station management systems.