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Success Story

DFI's Solution for High-Speed Weigh-In-Motion System

DFI's Solution for High-Speed Weigh-In-Motion System

DFI's Solution for High-Speed Weigh-In-Motion System

​​​​​​​Success Case

Country:  Asia 

Product: CR902-B  

Platform: COM Express using Intel® Core™ i3-3120ME processor 

Application: High-Speed Weigh-In-Motion System


  • Great performance for image quality 
    Supports 1 VGA, 1 LVDS, 2 DDI interfaces 
    Supports high resolution for license plate recognition 
  • Supports 8 USB interfaces for more data load 
  • Provides possibility for connection of various external devices 
  • A low-power reliable platform for long operating time

Weigh-In-Motion systems are used at an increasing rate throughout the world for coping with the dramatically rising costs of maintaining the safety of road users. Thus, accurately measured vehicle data is very necessary for ensuring that highways remain intact and safe, and the High-Speed Weigh-In-Motion systems used on highways make the weighing process more efficient.


To serve the transport market, DFI developed board-level products that come with great connectivity and reliability. CR902-B, adopting the 3rd/2nd Gen Intel Core is one of the right products. This cost-effective COM Express takes full advantage of the mobile-based Intel QM77 chipset which is packed with high performance capabilities. With perfect integration for HSWIM application, the type 2 module connects machines to computer, photocopier, electronica lead sign device, weight detection sensor, loop detection sensor easily via flexible I/O connectors. Furthermore, since HSWIM systems need high-resolution display to recognize license plate clearly, the CR902-B is specifically the ideal choice due to its multiple display interfaces (VGA, LVDS, DDI [HDMI/DVI/DP/SDVO]) that supports new level of graphics performance.


In view of traffic engineering, WIM data is very useful in improving heavy traffic efficiency by means of weight-dependent speed and detour route selection, as well as automatically determining vehicle infringements dependent upon class and legal weight limits. As a control center, CR902-B collects the accurate date from detection sensors and provides a reliable platform for 24/7 working systems. Along with these expansive features, CR902-B is the best choice for a wide range of industrial applications.

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