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Not Fast Enough? See How DFI Boosts the Electric Car Charging!

Not Fast Enough? See How DFI Boosts the Electric Car Charging!

DFI Compact Embedded System Bringing the Smartness in Your Charging Solution

According to a well-known market research company, TrendForce, the worldwide accumulated sale of electric cars will reach its highest level, reaching about 700 thousand, in 2016. Due to government policies, the market is booming particularly in China and Europe. End-customers expect that electric vehicles can run as far as normal cars. To fulfill that demand, many electric car makers have launched a new generation of household electric cars that is equipped with a 32A bigger battery. Some examples of this would be the Tesla Model S, BMW i3, Nissan Leaf and KIA Soul etc. The new electric cars take more time to charge. To relief customers of this drawback, fast charging is the solution that will help customers charge their cars faster at home. However, the residential electric grid is not able to provide enough power for fast charging. Therefore, DFI is collaborating with a client in Europe to build a smart charging system that integrates solar power into electricity system. We are not only eco-friendly, but we are also improving the user experience of the electric cars while saving end-users’ money and time.

Region: Europe
Country: the Netherlands
Application: Smart Charging

The Challenge

The original electric grid is not able to supply enough power for fast charging. Normally a way to solve this issue is to upgrade the grid to get more power, but it will cost a lot for the general customers. Given that upgrading the grid is not a feasible option for everyday customers, coming up with a more cost-efficient solution becomes a high priority of our client.


The Requirement

Solar power system is prevailing in European households. Our client needs to build a smart electric system at end-users’ house. The system has to be able to automatically alter solar power into electricity system, detect the power capacity of solar panel and communicate with the cloud system. It is a power controller and monitor so that customers can better understand their power consumption and manage it in real-time.


DFI Solution

We installed DFI’s compact embedded computer in an electric cabinet as the controller. It can transfer electric meter numbers to the cloud server via WiFi, reporting real-time power usage data and switching power resource. While user is charging their car, the computer will switch solar power in to charging power supply and make it charge faster. This makes the car charging more eco-friendly and time-saving. Besides, customer can also see the report and make electric monitor setting on the cloud system. The EC800 functions well in extreme environment (0~60 Celsius or -20~70 Celsius), and with DFI’s manufacturing technology, its average MTBF is over 100 thousand hours. These features make sure the machine is working 24/7, and requires minimum maintenance. EC800 has passed a special machine protocol test from Delft University of Technology. That is the reason why our client chooses it as the top choice of controller in smart charging system. According to end-customers' testimonial, this solution has successfully shortened charging time up to 50%.


DFI Has Launched Latest Exquisite Compact IPC. More Powerful and Better Mechanical Design!

EC70A-SU is small but mighty. This palm-sized, fanless, and ultra-lightweight computer is equipped with the powerful Intel® Core™ processor for maximum computing performance. With chassis crafted with high-density aluminum alloy for extra strength and lightness, this computer weighs as little as 1.1 kg. The delicate hairline finish on the front and rear panels exudes a sense of elegance and class. Besides serving the functional purpose for cooling down the system, the angular side vents also adds a dynamic visual appeal. Moreover, the crisp, definitive contour renders the computer contemporary in appearance. Combining the best of craftsmanship, industrial design, and engineering, EC70A fuels the next industrial PC design revolution.


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  • Rich I/O ports: 2 Intel GbE, 2 COM, 4 USB 
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