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DFI's Disciplines on Coping with COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 INFO News DFI's Disciplines on Coping with COVID-19 Pandemic

DFI's Disciplines on Coping with COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, DFI January 21th initiated the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) specifically developed to cope with unpredictable adversities. As stipulated in the BPC, DFI shall be monitoring severity levels of the pandemic, practicing the disciplines mandated to all departments, and coordinating matters that concern DFI's business continuity, such as taking inventories more frequently, preparing adequate daily supplies to minimize the spread of the pandemic, allocating delegations, and investigating supplier status. The BCP also stipulates that different procedures shall be initiated in regard to the global situations.
Currently, the convener and conductor of the BCP are undertaken by the chief managers of DFI. The anti-pandemic disciplines regarding personnel and operations are as follows:

  • Rigorous controls over business trips — non-essential travels shall be suspended;
  • Virtual conferences are strongly advised;
  • Compliance with the quarantine and inspection regulations are mandatory;
  • Visitors shall have their body temperatures taken and hands disinfected before entry;
  • Public space is disinfected on regular bases.
DFI's BCP Organization Structure

Constant reminders such as posters, online notices, and emails are implemented to advise and advocate to employees the measures and corporate policies, in hope to minimize the health risks of the employees and to ensure their well-beings.
To further curb the chances of community transmission, an operation diversification plan has also been developed, regulating the diversification measures including grouping and delegation rotations between in-house and work-from-homes, VPN networks, dormitory management, makeshift quarantines, and rehearsals of emergencies. These protocols will be initiated once any suspected case of infection is reported within DFI premises.
DFI assures that we will keep an ever closer eye on the situation of the COVID-19, take necessary measures, and fully comply with government regulations. We will keep any major updates available for everyone concerned.